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Friday, February 16, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #304

Updated - today's items:

William L. Anderson, lewrockwell.com:
Duke and Durham: The Criminal Cover-up Continues — While the State of North Carolina continues to insist that Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans kidnapped and sexually assaulted Crystal Gail Mangum on the night/morning of March 13-14, 2006, the state actually is ignoring real crimes that its own agents and agents of the City of Durham have committed...

In conclusion, I cannot emphasize enough that the State of North Carolina, which still officially is trying to throw the three lacrosse players into prison for half a century, continues to ignore real live crimes that its agents committed during this sorry affair. The North Carolina NAACP continues to demand prosecution and a scalp, and few politicians are willing to speak out against this travesty...

Durham PD Cpl. David AddisonJohn in Carolina:
The Addison Series #1 – “This horrific crime” — The Duke lacrosse case was a very critical matter. But Addison didn’t self-correct; nor did anyone from DPD step forward and correct his falsehoods. That tells us Addison’s falsehoods were “on message.” So now let’s ask: Who approved Addison’s shilling those falsehoods? And why?

I don’t believe Addison’s work was part of a DPD directed plan. I believe his work, while of course known to Russ and everyone else in DPD, was part of a cut-out operation in which certain Durham police officers participated but the cut-out was not directed by DPD. It was directed by DA Mike Nifong and he was responsible for Addsion’s falsehoods. Nifong may not himself have directly told Addison what to say. Others may have done some or even all of that...

Forum topics of note:

Judge Ronald L. Stephens - was he helping to hide exculpatory cell phone records?LieStoppers: Durham Justice League, Partners with crime?Judge Ronnie Stephens seems obsessed with privacy rights of 3rd parties that may provided a phone for, or have called, the sex workers.

Duke84 comment: the whole cell phone business has always been curious to me. Nifong was at first evasive about having the phone, then claimed there was nothing of value on the phone, then gave up the phone and had to adapt his timelines to fit Crystal's calls and stories...give me a person's cell phone and I will give you the person. Her phone will indict her lifestyle, companions and connections. And that's why Nifong worked so diligently to hide it.

comment: Judge Ronald L. Stevens ("I won't fast-track the Duke rape case") & Nifong both played strange games with Crystal Mangum's cell phone records. What or who were they trying to protect?
The Johnsville News: Mangum's cell phone calls

LieStoppers: Unraveling the Criminal Conspiracy

LieStoppers: What is the special prosecutor doing with this? — Let's drag this out a bit so that the locals don't think we just did a perfunctory eval before dismissing charges...

Melanie Sill, Editor's blog, News & Observer — All, I'll reply briefly here and perhaps add a longer post on this later, as I'm traveling this week. The N&O includes race in descriptions of unknown persons only rarely, as it is a) relevant to the circumstances or situation described in the reporting and b) part of a detailed description, in which whether someone is fair-skinned or dark-skinned (more accurate descriptions than guesses at ethnicity) is part of a physical sketch that would help someone recognize a specific individual. We did not iinclude the race of the reported vitim in the recent case you cite. In the Duke lacrosse case the race was a detail relevant to the accusations for a couple of reasons: the allegations included claims about the use of racial insults, and the race of one player was a factor in excluding him from the DNA screening. There's been a good bit of study about the notorious inaccuracy of racial descriptions offered in police accounts, as well as the lack of usefulness of these descriptions in finding suspects, and that's why we adopted this approach some time back.
LieStoppers: Gobbledygook from Melanie Sill

Joseph Di Bona, Associate Professor
Administrator, Friends of Duke Univeristy forum:
Simply Amazing! — Last year, after he wrote his first comments on the lacrosse case, I personally contacted Mr. Joseph Di Bona (an education professor at Duke) and asked him if he knew any of the lacrosse players. He said no, he had never heard of them. I got back to him and asked how that was possible since his CV on Duke’s website indicated he was writing a book with one of the accused. He responded by saying he had forgotten about that. I asked him to update and correct his CV and to remove the defendant’s name. As of today, he has not.

Since that communication, Mr. Di Bona did remember to write a letter to Herald Sun where he suggested a fair settlement to the lacrosse case would be 3 million dollars (half of it going to the accuser and the other half to the lawyers). I suppose, Mr. Di Bona did not remember to update his CV to remove the book he is supposedly writing (with an expected completion date of 2005) with one of the lacrosse defendants whom he thinks he never met. My question is exactly how many Di Bonas are there at Duke? And, is this the best Duke can do? If Mr. Di Bona has Alzheimer’s decease, maybe he should consider retirement. Here is the link to Mr. Di Bonas site (see “books in preparation” section)
Books in preparation
  1. J. Di Bona and undergraduates, David Evans and Matthew Zash. "THE EDUCATION OF TERRORISTS." Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, December, 2005
comment: Yikes! Prof. Di Bona is apparently 79 years old and very forgetful.
LieStoppers: What is Prof. Joseph Di Bona up to?

Rosemary Roberts, News-Record (Greensboro, NC):
The votes are in: Name the Duke accuser — Well, I asked for it, didn't I? I'm referring to last week's column about whether the name of the accuser in the Duke University lacrosse team case should be printed. I wrote Feb. 9 that I agreed with the mainstream media's policy of not naming the accuser in rape and sexual assault cases. The stigma of being raped is horrific, and naming the rape victim would only intensify the victim's anguish, I concluded.

But I ended the column with these prophetic words: "I have a strong hunch, fair readers, that you think the woman's name, at least in the Duke case, should be disclosed. Am I right?" Well, fair readers, my hunch was right. I was flooded with e-mails taking me to task. The overwhelming majority of respondents think the name of the woman, who lives in Durham, should be published...

Amanda Marcotte, Salon.com:
Why I had to quit the John Edwards campaign — I announced that I was taking the job on Jan. 30, and the same week, I noticed a small flare-up of oddly aggressive and misogynistic comments in my moderation queue over a short, irritated post I wrote about the coverage of the Duke lacrosse rape case on CNN. I assumed that some anti-feminist blogger had linked me and so, in frustration, I went and rewrote my by-then week-old post to mock the commenters by spelling out my views in childish, easy-to-understand language. This may have been the first indication that the right-wing noise machine had noticed me and was looking for something with which to hurt me and my new employers...
TalkLeft: Amanda Marcotte resigns from the Edwards campaign - Nice to see she is as sweet as ever.

North Carolina Public Radio/WUNC:
Duke Faculty at Odds (with audio) — One of the less-publicized impacts of the Duke Lacrosse case has been a widening division among the University's faculty. It began with an open letter published in the Duke student newspaper back in the early days of the case. It was paid for and signed by a collection of faculty now referred to by some as the "Group of 88." That group has come under more and more criticism, particularly from colleagues. Host Frank Stasio speaks with Sara Lipka, reporter at the Chronicle for Higher Education, who wrote about the division in this week's issue.

Bob in Pacifica - South of HeavenBob in Pacifica, South of Heaven blog:
Feminist Law Professors won't tolerate dissent — I mentioned here in my earlier blog, "Metanarratives and justice" that an essay by a Professor Kathleen A. Bergin presumed a number of things about the Duke case that just weren't true was posted at Feminist Law Blog. I wrote a comment regarding some misstatements that the Professor made about the facts of the case.

There was a stern warning about my post, saying that I hadn't documented my comment. Never mind that people don't generally document statements to blogs, or that Bergin hadn't documented her blog. I wrote this back to them:

I have followed the case over the last ten months. I don't have footnotes for everything I've said, but if anyone wants to challenge anything in particular I will be glad to look it up and give a link. There are any number places on the web that contain links to documents in the case including the TalkLeft discussion board. In addition, many of the stories published in the News & Observer have reported much of the above. Taking the time to go through their stories would be enlightening...
comment: Bob in Pacifica has been one of those notorious "blog hooligans." The staff of TJN are big fans of Bob and it was great to discover his new blog via LieStoppers.

TalkLeft: Not Innocent says Professor Kathleen A. Bergin

Michael Gaynor:
Where have you been, Professor Bergin? — Professor Bergin posted a silly, but short, article entitled "Not Innocent" at the Feminist Law Professors blog...

Sharon, Gold-Plated Witch on Wheels blog:
Sometimes You Run Across the Strangest Things — I was reading this column by Cathy Young, when someone in the comments pointed a link to this forum from Duke University.

The forum is bizarre. Apparently, Farces insulted several of the women in the forum by saying that the evidence seemed to indicate the Duke lacrosse players weren't guilty, and, as such, shouldn't be convicted. At least two of the other commenters made statements that because white males have privilege, it is ok if some of them are falsely convicted of sexual crimes...

In other words, by virtue of being male and white, the Duke lacrosse players are guilty, regardless of whether they did anything or not. It is amazing how ideology can overrule any normal sense of justice for people.

John in Carolina:
Duke Prof: Disagreement is not McCarthyism — Duke University's student newspaper, The Chronicle, today published a letter from Professor of Economics Roy Weintraub in which he references a "flyer" for the "Shut Up and Teach" event sponsored on campus Feb. 12 by members of Duke faculty's Group of 88...

In just a few paragraphs Weintraub explained what McCarthyism was really like; highlighted shame claims of victimization; and rightly asserted that free, civil questioning and disagreement not only have a place at Duke, but affirm its essence and purpose. Thank you, Professsor Weintraub.
Duke Basketball Report: Latest Lax News - If you’re going to start tossing around charges of McCarthyism, you should make sure no one in the immediate neighborhood ever suffered from it because they can make you look really stupid, and...If you won’t take questions from your critics, and you won’t let people record your meeting, you do not have the strength of your convictions.

Brandon Mcginley, Duke Chronicle:
Faculty should stand by its students (see comments) — Without considering the potential innocence of their students, the postmodern elite among the faculty at Duke sprung into action, unleashing a torrent of intellectually stylish buzz words such as "race," "class," "gender" and the granddaddy of them all: "white male privilege." It was irrelevant that the case against the students deteriorated daily; it was irrelevant that the accused were members of the Duke community and, as such, might be entitled to respect and support; and it was irrelevant that the young men were innocent until proven guilty. Their status as wealthy Caucasian males was enough to pass judgment on their actions and their character.

Within a few weeks of the allegation, apparently outraged faculty members seized the opportunity to promote their radical leftist ideology of racial, sexual and financial oppression in the local press...

YouTube.com: The Duke Rape Case

KC Johnson:
The Potbangers Airbrush the PastYesterday’s post traced the first phase of the potbanger movement—from March 24 through March 30, when the potbangers, approaching the issue from an ultra-feminist angle, expressed certainty that a rape occurred. Today’s post examines the movement’s second and third phases, in which the potbangers continued to denounce the players, though now for different offenses.

The second phase lasted from March 31 through April 10. Recognizing that a rape might well not have occurred, the potbangers refused to abandon their denunciation of the lacrosse players, and instead began to stress the team’s alleged racism...

Jeff Barker, Baltimore-Sun:
Duke weathers storm — As they walked off the Koskinen Stadium field, Duke's lacrosse players couldn't have known they had just played their last game of the 2006 season.

It was March 21 and the Blue Devils were disappointed at losing to Cornell. But the season was barely a month old. At 6-2, Duke was still an elite team eager to try to return to the national championship game it had lost by one goal to Johns Hopkins the year before. And then it was over...

The unexpected ending left players frustrated, even bitter. But co-captain Ed Douglas of Baltimore said it also gave them an appreciation for their sport - a sense they had better cherish the present because the future isn't guaranteed. "There's certainly extra motivation," said Douglas, a Gilman graduate and one of 35 returning players. "I think there is a sense of urgency because everyone sort of understands this is an amazing privilege that can unfortunately be taken away." ...

Carol Lloyd, broadsheet at Salon.com:
Duke, rape and race, again — A reader tipped us off to a new rape case associated with Duke University, home of the notoriously botched case in which an African-American woman accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her at one of their parties. Following a series of media-frenzied months, the charges were dropped after DNA samples cleared the suspects and interviews with the accuser suggested her testimony was less than reliable...

Comments posted following a story in the Chronicle, Duke's school newspaper, seem split between those who feel the school's temperate response is evidence of a lesson learned and those who regard this as one more sign of the bias of politically correct liberals loath to show outrage when the accuser is white and the accused black. Others have weighed in with their recipe for justice: The Post Chronicle ran an editorial imploring the accuser to volunteer for a polygraph.

Ultimately, the depressing thing about these arguments about race is that they obfuscate the reality of rape no matter who is involved.
The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum (black female young...):
wondering where our voices should converge — If this blurb has not raised any eyebrows, I’d be shocked. Here, the author in no uncertain terms pits attitudes towards rape victims and seeking justice against racial awareness discussions and the unexplored benchmarks of how the races of the offenders and the victims dictated community and criminal justice responses over time. Realistically, is this question of priority even fair? For whose attention are we competing with these issues, and why are such serious matters parsed in the language of competition in the first place?

We see the rifts emerging. Has this article worked its magic of divide and conquer?...

Letter by William Hamilton, Del Mar, Calif. to Herald-Sun:
Blame yourselves — Reading your Feb. 11 editorial, it's hard not to laugh out-loud at the utter hypocrisy, but hard not to admire the hubris. Outside of 88 fanatical racists at Duke University, no single institution was quicker to "rush to judgement" than was The Herald-Sun. In the nearly a year since the allegations were made, no media source has been more condemning -- sometimes embarrassingly so -- than has The Herald-Sun. This feeble attempt to now rewrite history is pathetic. What's more amusing, is that you've deluded yourselves into thinking anyone's buying it.

For years to come, résumés with "Herald-Sun" on them will be subject to a little more scrutiny; a little more skepticism; a little more suspicion and a little more doubt. That's what happens when you write for a national laughingstock. And that's exactly what you've become. "Bottomless well of interest?" You bet -- when those bastions of liberalism in academia and media show their true "colors" by dismissing every tenet of justice they claim to embrace, and to do so in nationally public manner -- you bet there's interest...

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