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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #303

Updated - today's items:

NC Justice
Counting the days as of Feb 15, 2007:

It has been 339 days days since the Duke men's lacrosse team held a party where they hired two strippers to perform. The party started on March 13th, 2006, while the players were on spring break. Crystal Gail Mangum made her first accusations of rape, kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault on March 14th.

It has been 329 days since 46 members of the Duke lacrosse team went to the Durham police crime lab , on March 23rd, to submit DNA samples and have their pictures taken for an improper identification process.

It has been 303 days since Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty were wrongly arrested on April 18th, 2006.

It has been 276 days since David Evans was wrongly arrested on May 15, 2006, the day after he graduated from Duke University.

It has been 181 days since the lacrosse case was officially designated as "exceptional," on August 18th. Superior Court Judge Osmond Smith was assigned to oversee what some predict might be the longest criminal proceeding in Durham history.

It has been 100 days since Mike Nifong was elected to a four-year term as district attorney, on November 7th. He defeated write-in candidate, Steve Monks, and Lewis Cheek who did not actively campaign.

It has been 70 days since Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-NC) sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales requesting an inquiry into Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong’s prosecution of three Duke University student accused of an alleged sexual attack. The letter was sent on December 7, 2006 and Rep. Jones made his announcement regarding the letter on Dec. 12th.

It has been 55 days since Mike Nifong dropped the rape charges against the David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann on Dec. 22nd.

It has been 49 days since the North Carolina State Bar Association filed an ethics complaint against Mike Nifong, on December 28, 2006.

It has been 44 days since Mike Nifong was sworn in at a private ceremony for a four year term as Durham District Attorney, on Jan 2, 2007.

It has been 33 days since North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced that his office would be taking over the Duke case.

There are 81 days until the next scheduled court hearing on the Duke case, currently set for May 7th.

Dennis Miller rips the hoax on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2/13/07

KC Johnson:
The Potbangers Airbrush the PastYesterday’s post traced the first phase of the potbanger movement—from March 24 through March 30, when the potbangers, approaching the issue from an ultra-feminist angle, expressed certainty that a rape occurred. Today’s post examines the movement’s second and third phases, in which the potbangers continued to denounce the players, though now for different offenses.

The second phase lasted from March 31 through April 10. Recognizing that a rape might well not have occurred, the potbangers refused to abandon their denunciation of the lacrosse players, and instead began to stress the team’s alleged racism...
LieStoppers forum: Potbanger Spin Doctoring Revealed

Rabbi Aryeh Spero, HumanEvents.com:
Liberalism Is Philosophically Un-American — During the first year of the Duke Lacrosse case, liberals, in knee jerk fashion, criminalized the boys and exonerated the girl. They did not look at the merits and obvious specifics of the particular situation. As liberals, they did not look at these boys as individuals but as members of a group. Because these boys come from a group liberals consider powerful, the boys were automatically guilty. After all, as liberals see it, the boys are from that “powerful” group known as white Christians. Even if they didn’t do the crime, the goal of equality demands they be brought down and leveled.

Though full of glaring inconsistencies, the girl was nonetheless, according to liberals, a victim and entitled to her pound of flesh. Why? Because she is not to be seen simply as an individual but, more as a member of a “weak” group, namely, women -- and a black woman to boot. In the name of leveling, she had to be brought up and the boys brought down, even if the facts were otherwise. Right over wrong did not matter; only class/group struggle did. Even today, some of Duke’s outspoken liberal professors would sacrifice the justice due these individual young men on the altar of social engineering for the sake of the “utopian” enterprise...

Samson Mesele, Duke Chronicle:
Cost of your signature - Tutu powerful — More than 800 students thus far have pledged their signatures to "The Real Social Disaster," an appeal authored by senior Stephen Miller, executive director of the Duke Conservative Union. The petitioners "DEMAND AN APOLOGY FROM THE GROUP OF 88" for "the original 'Social Disaster' advertisement" of last April and urge President Richard Brodhead "TO FINALLY STAND UP FOR HIS STUDENTS" in view of "the assaults launched by his own faculty."

I have rejected an invitation to sign this ad, and students who have joined the Facebook group generating its signatures, at bare minimum, should reconsider their decision...
Duke Chronicle comments — Samson- Quite a prettified attempt at race-baiting on your part (once again...yawn) In their elaborate justifications above, you forget to mention that the G88 letter's Author, Professor Lubiano, almost certainly made up from whole cloth some of her "quotes" from students.

Just as Lubiano fabricated publications to add to her CV so she could be promoted. What a role for students she is!! My once sentence rejoinder to your tortured race-baiting. Social justice can't be built on fraud...
Letter by Jamie Smarr, Duke Chronicle:
Alumni: Give your support — Stephen Miller's suggestion that alumni withhold donations from Duke ("Alumni: withhold your support," Feb. 12) to help the school may be a great example of political cant, but it is in no way borne out of genuine concern for the future of Duke...Supporting Duke is not ideological. It is not political. It is not even intellectual. It is a personal and teleological act that binds me to others who share a thirst for knowledge and an ideal that education should be available to all. I hope that Miller realizes this before he leaves Duke this spring with the same legacy thousands will share with him.

Letter by Matt Cubstead, Duke Chronicle:
Stop giving? — Stephen Miller has now come up with the punishment to fit the crime that Duke's administration committed in dealing with this lacrosse event-cut off alumni funding ("Alumni: withhold your support," Feb. 12). Interesting...

But Miller says cut off funding because Duke abandoned its students. I wonder during this time how many students were helped by Counseling and Psychological Services? How many had Deans help get them into graduate school? How many had professors help teach them something new, or write recommendations to help find them a job? How many got scholarships to help them afford to attend this University?

But because Duke didn't respond exactly as Miller says they should have, to an extremely difficult situation now viewed conveniently through rose-colored revisionist glasses-we should cut them off. Glad to know Miller has all of our interests in mind.
Duke Chronicle: Stop Giving? - Just wanted to point out to you this statement you made, "accepted (not demanded) the resignation of the coach ", is in fact false. The Coach was called and told he had an hour to sumbit his resignation. He was told to, he did not do it willingly. Plus Broadhead openly a admits that they wanted him out anyway. If he did not comply they would have fired him. Just trying to keep you honest.

Letters to News & Observer:
Will Stephens, Raleigh:
Shielding identities — As a male student at N.C. State University and a strong advocate of women's rights, I am saddened to see another rape allegation surfacing in Durham, and I commend the alleged victim for courageously coming forward with the allegations. But as this case unfolds, let us respect the privacy of both the accuser and the accused.

In instances of reported sex crimes, The N&O typically withholds the accuser's identification. This is a sound policy -- it permits more victims to share their allegations without fear of public shame or ridicule.

Why though, do newspapers print the names of those accused of sex crimes? Doing so allows the public to delve into the private lives of potentially innocent people. Just as the anonymity of the accuser is protected, those accused should have their privacy protected until guilt is proven...
LieStoppers forum: Shhhhhh!! Keep it Quite! Don't Publish his Name!, New Tune: Respect the Accused's Privacy
Jamie Batey, Raleigh:
A Brave Women — Regarding your Feb. 12 article on the new Duke rape case, I think this incident should be in every way separated from the infamous alleged lacrosse case.

The young woman was brave enough to come forward against her alleged rapist, so I hope she will be given the thorough investigation she deserves that is in no way tainted by the allegations of the tumultuous case that began in March 2006.

Letter by George W. Pearsall, Durham; Herald-Sun:
Nifong's double standard — In response to your editorial on Feb. 11, "Lacrosse lesson: Be slow to judge," and your article on Feb. 10, "Nifong critic petitions for ousting," it appears that District Attorney Mike Nifong, where his own culpability is concerned, has adopted the lesson presented in your editorial: "Even if you think someone might have done something doesn't mean they did it. We shouldn't rush to judgment."

He is reported to have responded to Beth Brewer's petition for his ouster by saying, "I hope everybody will withhold judgment until they've heard my side." Would that he had given the defendants in the lacrosse case the same consideration he now wants for himself.

Michael Rand, Star Tribune:
Q&A: John Danowski, new coach of Duke men's lacrosse — As the new head coach for the Duke men's lacrosse team, John Danowski knew this would be unlike any other season he had coached. Last March, Duke lacrosse became embedded in the public consciousness when three players were accused of assaulting a Durham, N.C., woman at a party...
Q You watched this unfold from the unique position of being a parent of a player on the team. What was that like?

A It was really difficult. You're talking about the middle of spring semester, with a team that has already played eight games. Your son is almost finished with three years of college and, all of a sudden, people are impugning his character. You can lose lacrosse games, you can get a 'D' in a course, and things move forward, but this was different, and there was nothing you could say or do. People said a lot of hurtful things and didn't appear to be very accountable for what they were saying. ...
Lauren Reynolds, ESPN: Northwestern looks primed for a threepeat - 5. How will the lingering Duke lacrosse scandal affect the culture of the sport? ...It will take years to rehabilitate lacrosse's image completely -- if that's possible -- but with record-breaking crowds at both the men's and women's championship games, it appears the popularity of the sport is not in doubt.

John in Carolina:
“NO KNOWN CONNECTION TO DUKE” — On Feb. 12, I heard Duke University African and African American & Cultural Anthropology professor Charlie Piot deliver an ad hominem that was billed as a lecture. Piot’s target was historian, professor and blogger Robert KC Johnson. See here for a few quotes and summary of what Piot said...

Piot’s a signatory of the Duke faculty’s Group of 88’s now discredited “listening statement.” ...Piot’s attack drew loud applause from the audience of about 150 that included other Group of 88 members and many of their students...

It was no surprise to see Piot’s faculty “88” colleagues applaud him. All the ones we’ve heard from since last April have manifested the same self-indulgent insularity and hostility to reasoned criticism that fueled Piot’s ad hominem targeting Johnson...

John in Carolina:
A request to Group of 88 Prof Piot — On Monday, Feb. 12, six Duke faculty members, five of whom last April signed the inflammatory and discredited Group of 88's “listening statement,” presented something called “Shut Up and Teach?: Faculty and Public Issues.” It was billed as a lecture. Presenting professors were Pedro Lasch, Wahneema Lubiano, Mark Anthony Neal, Diane Nelson, Charlie Piot, and Maurice Wallace.

African and African-American & Cultural Anthropology professor Charlie Piot's lecture began with a brief criticism of blogs in general as "anything but democratic."...Piot ended with: "KC - Shut up and go back to teaching."...

The Nifong Law — North Carolina State Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand (D-Bladen/Cumberland) and State Senator Eddie Goodall (R-Union/Mecklenburg) have co-sponsored a bill that will serve to ensure the removal of disgraced District Attorney Mike Nifong from office in the event that the State Bar disbars the defendant. Senate Bill 117, which was referred to the Senate’s Civil Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, proposes granting the governor the authority to remove from office a district attorney or judge, in the event that they are no longer authorized to practice law. The bill also sets forth an immediate suspension of their salary once disbarred.
Until, or unless, this bill becomes law, and assuming that Judge Hudson continues to ignore the statutory requirements of 7A-66, District Attorney Nifong will continue collecting his salary for an office in which he could not lawfully function, if he is disbarred and refuses to resign as district attorney...

Reality, Experimentation, and Consequences — Addressing recent allegations that a Duke student was raped at an off-campus party last Sunday, Duke VP for Student Affairs, Larry Moneta appears to downplay the alleged crime as not being indicative of the atmosphere at Duke, but rather symptomatic of the realities of life and a normal result of experimentation...

Those of us who have become disenchanted with the media and the unique system of Durham justice, will likewise note the disparate treatment of the lacrosse team and the members of the self-proclaimed “Infamous” Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, who reportedly hosted the party where the latest alleged assault is claimed to have occurred...

we will continue to hope that any differences in response or reaction by the University, the media, Durham police investigators, commentators, and even Defendant Nifong are, at least in part, the result of lessons learned, rather than pervasive double standards.

Michael Gaynor:
A different Duke alleged rape case — On March 27, 2006, with Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong charging that gang rapists were being protected by a code of silence among members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team, The News & Observer's Ruth Sheehan (a rape victim) believed it and railed against that alleged silence. Ms. Sheehan's "Team's silence is sickening" was an impassioned plea for honesty...

Ruth, should the fraternity chapter be shut down until the alleged rapist is identified? (I don't think so, but perhaps you do.) How about condemning silence again and urging party goers to come forward to identify the alleged (black) person "in his late teens or early 20s, about 6-foot-1 and wearing a black do-rag, a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans"? ...

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