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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #302

Updated - today's items:

Sgt. James Regan killed Friday, Feb 9th, in IraqReid J. Epstein, Newsday:
Funeral set for Manhasset soldier killed in Iraq — Funeral arrangements have been set for Sgt. James Regan, the Army Ranger from Manhasset killed in Iraq last week, family spokeswoman Jayne Evans said Tuesday.

A wake for Regan is scheduled for Thursday from 1 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. at the St. Ignatius Jesuit Retreat House, 251 Searingtown Rd., Manhasset.

The funeral Mass is set for 2 p.m. Friday at St. Mary's Church, 1300 Northern Blvd., Manhasset.

There will be a private burial service at Arlington National Cemetery sometime next week, Evans said.

Regan graduated from Chaminade High School and Duke University before enlisting in the Army in 2004...

Flags line lawn of the Manhasset, L.I., home of Sgt. James Reganmore stores about James Regan:

Richard Weir & Jordan Lite, NY Daily News:
L.I. mourns son killed in fourth tour — American flags lined an exclusive Manhasset, L.I., street for at least a mile and a half yesterday in honor of a hometown Army Ranger who became the third graduate of his high school to die in Iraq.

Sgt. James Regan, 26, died Friday when a roadside bomb hit the Stryker tactical vehicle he was riding in while on combat patrol in the town of Baqubah, said military spokesman Bruce Hill...

Bob Ford, The Philidelphia Inquirer:
Duty, honor, country: A cause served — In the pictures of Jimmy Regan that portray him best, he is always in uniform, always looking steadily into the camera with an expression of calm purpose. Someone once said sports don't build character, they reveal it.

That was the case with Regan, according to those who knew him, and you can look into his eyes in those photographs and know he was someone you wanted on your side. Regan, originally from Long Island, was a lacrosse player at Duke University and an example of the very best side of a program that has taken its knocks recently.

He was a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference all-academic team as he worked toward a degree in economics, and capped his playing career with four goals against the University of Virginia in the 2002 conference championship game. An investment firm wanted to hire him, and he was offered a scholarship to the law school at Southern Methodist University. Regan had another plan. He traded the Duke lacrosse uniform for a U.S. Army uniform, earning a place among the elite Army Rangers.

"If I don't do it," he told a friend, "who will?" ...

Meredith Shiner, Duke Chronicle:
A lacrosse story worth covering — In April 2006, the month in which the Duke lacrosse story seemed to be spiraling out of control and consuming the resources of the American media, 76 U.S. military servicemen were killed in Iraq. In light of all that has happened to our school, that team, and this country over the past 11 months, this weekend's news that Army Ranger Jimmy Regan-a midfielder on the Duke lacrosse team from 1999-2002-had become yet another casualty of the Iraq War seemed not only tragic, but bitterly ironic as well.

The story of his sacrifice and his family's loss will be the first, and perhaps only, story related to the men's lacrosse team this year that won't make for front-page news in many paper across the country. And all this begs the following questions: Has the media become so myopic that it only seeks to report and perpetuate "sexy" stories, like that of Duke lacrosse? Or have average Americans become so indifferent to the news that only these types of stories can catch their attention? ...

Christopher Faherty, New York Sun:
Long Island Native, a Lacrosse Star, Is Killed in Iraq Sergeant James Regan, 26, a former Duke University lacrosse star, planned on getting a master's degree and marrying his fiancé after a fourth tour of duty with the Army, but he was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq last week, family members said...

Reid J. Epstein, Newsday/AM NY:
Fallen LI soldier a 'friend to everyone' — With an undergraduate degree from Duke, a top LSAT score and a laser-like focus, Jimmy Regan would have succeeded in whatever he wanted to do in life. Instead of taking a scholarship to law school or a financial services job, Regan followed a calling to the military, where he became an Army Ranger and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and two in Iraq, family members said...

The family has established a scholarship fund in his name. Donations should be sent to the Jim Regan Scholarship, c/o Chaminade Development Office, 340 Jackson Ave., Mineola, N.Y. 11501.

rapper Common (formerly Common Sense), born Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.Iza Wojciechowska, Duke Chronicle:
Rapper Common spoke out at Emory concert last April — The rapper Common was announced last week as a headliner for the Last Day of Classes concert, but his scheduled performance on campus comes barely a year after he publicly denounced the men's lacrosse team. Several students who attended a concert held at Emory University April 19, 2006 said that Common incorporated lines such as, "I'm the boss, f--- those boys from Duke lacrosse" into his act while freestyling.

"That was the first time he brought it up-as a punchline-and then emphasized it later," said Tal Hirshberg, Trinity '04 and a third-year law student at Emory.

Hirshberg added that about 40 minutes after the first mention of Duke lacrosse in the concert, Common said he "really believes in [his] heart that those boys in Duke lacrosse did it-that they raped a black princess." LDOC Chair Beth Higgins, a senior, said she had not been aware of the incident during the LDOC committee's proceedings with Common.

"I am very shocked that that happened," Higgins said. "I'm surprised he accepted the offer if he felt that way." She added that the LDOC committee has now contacted Common's agency to sort out the situation...
comment: It was a smart career move for Mr. Lynn to change his name from "Common Sense" to "Common."

E. Roy WeintraubE. Roy Weintraub, Duke Professor of Ecomonics, Duke Chronicle:
Disagreement is not McCarthyism — I have read the "flyer" for Monday's "Shut Up and Teach" panel discussion, with its reference to Joseph McCarthy, suggesting that dark forces are trying to silence some politically minded Duke faculty...

So I read with astonishment the recent panelists' invocation of McCarthyism as their characterization of the criticism they have received for their public statements or writings. They face no death sentence, no jail time, no threats from Trustees or administrators of employment termination, no loss of income, no loss of custody of their children, no loss of their passports, no reduction whatsoever in their public or private circumstances.

I don't ask the panelists to shut up and teach. I ask them instead to understand that for various Duke faculty, staff, administrators, students, parents and alumni to disagree with them in public or in private is neither McCarthyism nor an academic travesty and betrayal of the values of our institution, but is rather an expression of their believing otherwise.

Stephen MillerGabby McGlynn, Duke Chronicle:
Facebook group calls for apology — Early last week, many Duke students received a new Facebook group invitation when logging onto their accounts.

The group, called "The Real Social Disaster" and created by senior Stephen Miller, presents a petition demanding an apology from the 88 professors who signed the controversial advertisement published in The Chronicle last April that asked "What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like?" The petition also calls upon President Richard Brodhead to stand up for Duke students.

"It wasn't so much that I wanted to start a Facebook group," said Miller, who is also a Chronicle columnist. "I decided there needed to be a petition for the many students at Duke who are distraught over the behavior of the professors on this campus in the wake of the lacrosse scandal."

The group had 712 members as of Tuesday evening, including a number of men's lacrosse team players. When 1,000 endorsements are reached, Miller said he plans to take the petition to the public and to Brodhead...
Conservative Duke Students, Duke New Sense blog:
Duke Students Respond to the "Gang of 88"

Forum topics of note:
Dennis Miller Ripped Nifong on Tonight Show, last Night — routine about how this guy, the DA with his pants pulled up high with a big belt bucket, thought he was going to make a name for himself. He had this gal who is the "Louvre of DNA" who also could be called "Barry Scheck's" Six Flags with so much DNA on her, telling more stories. Then says these three guys are totally innocent and getting screwed.

The Videotape Will NOT Be Made Available — Duke's Technical Dept or possibly AAAS Department had videoed the Shut up and Teach forum....Isn't this the same group that said the Duke Chronical was censoring them by not publishing the clarification to the listening statement. Now they want to restrict access to a video tape of a meeting about academic freedom.

Roy Cooper's Political Farce Drags On, Four full weeks of File Review

Jon Ham, JohnLocke.org/Right Angles blog:
Still waiting — I’m wondering when Ruth Sheehan of The News & Observer is going to write a column about the alleged rape in Durham last Sunday morning in which she says of the 50 or so partygoers, “You know. We know you know.” That was in her column of March 27, 2006, the one in which she assumed a gang rape had taken place at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. in Durham. She added the weasel phrase “if what the strippers say is true” in one paragraph, but the column taken as a whole was an indictment. She just KNEW these players were guilty. Was her judgment colored by her experience as a rape victim, something she has written about several times? She’s obviously passionate about the issue and immediately supportive of alleged victims in such cases...

Jon Ham, JohnLocke.org/Right Angles blog:
Where are the pot-bangers and national media? — We all remember what happened when a whole lacrosse team was accused of raping a black woman at a party last spring. The feminist and lefties went into a rage that is still seething...Compare that with the allegations that a white woman was raped at a black fraternity party on Sunday. The mainstream media has bent over backward to keep race out of this. Even those who first gave a description of the alleged rapist as a “black man” later redacted that from their reports. The News & Observer never printed it at all. And none has pointed out, as the Duke Chronicle has done, that the alleged victim was white, making this a mirror image of the Duke lacrosse case...
Mary Katharine Ham, TownHall.com:
A Tale of Two Rapes in Durham — There's another accusation of rape floating around Durham this week. The accuser was allegedly attacked at a house party this Saturday.

The accuser is white. The suspect is black. Heard anything about that? Yeah, I didn't think so....

It was never about protecting women. I know that because I live in a neighborhood that has the dubious honor of being the namesake of at least one serial rapist. There were few candlelight vigils; there was no national media attention; there were no pot-bangers when the women of my neighborhood couldn't take their dogs for walks at dusk. And, those black-on-white rapes just didn't bring the activist out in people the way the Duke non-rape did.

The News & Observer's omission of race is laughable ...

John Stiglich, The Michigan Daily:
Law and order? — Over the past few months, we've learned that District Attorney Mike Nifong purposely withheld exculpatory DNA evidence from the defense. Nifong also ignored evidence that seemed to prove that two of the suspects could not have been physically present at the scene during the alleged rape. We've learned that the alleged victim has changed her story about the night's events at least three times. The lineup Nifong arranged - during which the victim identified her attackers - resembled something out of "The Usual Suspects." Yet the three men charged with her rape are still under indictment. What gives? ...

How do we fix the system? Some think the direct election of district attorneys brings a necessary accountability component to the job. But overzealous prosecutors like Nifong have shown how directly elected officials can abuse the biases of the electorate to get re-elected. Alternatively, appointed prosecutors should be able to pursue justice without concerning themselves with public perception. Fitzgerald shot that theory to shit.

With the core of our criminal justice system undermined, I guess we all must hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

KC Johnson:
When the Potbangers Were Riding High — A Liestoppers post of a few months back brilliantly explicated how the potbangers’ activity between March 24 and March 27 helped transform what might have been a local story into a national cause. Posts today and tomorrow will look at their behavior after March 27.

The potbangers got their name from a March 26 protest outside the house rented by the lacrosse captains. Announcements of the protest said, “Dress warmly, bring your whole family and bring pots and pans and things to bang them with! We are having a 'Cacerolazo,' or a pots & pans protest, because it is a tool women all over the world use to call out sexual assaulters.” ...
Duke Basketball Report:
Latest Lax News — In the latest lax news, KC Johnson breaks down the arc of the protests against the lacrosse team, which began with expressed desires for castration (before anyone was even charged!), switching then to an offensive against the team’s alleged racism, and finally “[claiming] that they were never seeking punishment for the lacrosse players, but were merely addressing the broader societal issues of racism and sexism.” Castration is a novel way to make that point, but one supposes it does stop the next generation from comitting either sin.As Kristen Butler pointed out in the Chronicle, Duke students were clearly treated differently by police and the courts (and of course the D.A.) than were other citizens of Durham.

And in another interesting twist, the roles are somewhat reversed in the rape which allegedly occurred Sunday morning: the party was held by members of Phi Beta Sigma, a black fraternity, and the alleged victim is white.

According to Anne Blythe of the N&O, three drugs were found in the house - marijuana, Oxycontin, and cocaine. And neighbors and bystanders “reported seeing a duffel bag plummet to the ground from a second-story window." And while the Chronicle reported the alleged victim reported that her alleged attacker is black, the N&O struck that fact from their reporting. The same article was published in Charlotte with the race reported...
Letter by Robert M. Panoff, Durham, to Herald-Sun:
Editorial about lacrosse was an embarrassment — In reference to your "be slow to judge" advice on the lacrosse and other criminal cases in your Feb. 11 editorial: I thought your puff editorial of Jan. 25 on how District Attorney Mike Nifong has continued to do good work despite the distractions was the nadir of journalistic pandering, since you seem to have published his own news release as your editorial. I must say I was mistaken, as you continue to sink even lower. I was embarrassed by your paper and for your paper -- and for Durham -- with this most recent piece.

Your attempt to re-write history is beyond the pale, as your own paper was too quick to judge the team, the culture, and the specific individuals whose indictments your paper continues to try to defend. Only in passing as afterthoughts in otherwise accusatory pieces has your paper kept any sense of "innocent until proven guilty." Would you like chapter and verse recited to jog your memory?...

The decline of The Herald-Sun worries me...

John Taddei, Duke Chronicle:
Lax team learns to adapt to media frenzy — Over the past 10 months, Duke's men's lacrosse players have faced a media blitz unlike anything their sport has ever seen. At the epicenter of what rapidly became a story that transfixed the nation, the Blue Devils went from answering straightforward questions about wins and losses to fielding difficult inquiries relating to larger issues of race, sex and privilege in college athletics.

What was at first a trial-by-fire for the players, however, has morphed into an educated, organized approach to the coverage that continues to surround the team. In an effort to more effectively deal with the media, the Blue Devils have established new rules and sought outside counsel to better prepare the team for the difficult questions the players continue to face...

Mike McCusker, Crystal Mess blog:
Where da white women at? (photo essay/humor)

John in Carolina:
Addison Series News & background post — Some of you in emails and some members of an informal JinC "sounding board" of family/friends who are informed and reasonable critics have raised questions about Addison's actions, including whether they libeled the Duke students...

Joan Foster, LieStoppers:
Lady Justice is a two-faced kind of friend
In Durham...Lady Justice is a two-faced kind of friend.
If you ever get in trouble, there is NO "consistent" trend.
The way the folks in power treat you...can significantly change
From one case to another...quite a shocking range! ...
Michael Gaynor:
Plea to Duke rape claimant: PLEASE volunteer for a polygraph test — Another year, another Duke alleged rape case... It's called a double standard. Be that as it may, I have one standard: suggesting to rape claimants that they voluntarily submit to a polygraph test...

Sister Toldjah blog:
Duke U. student alledges Sunday rape (2/12) — Keep your eye out on this story .... In story after story about this alleged incident, I couldn’t find the race of the woman making the allegations or the race of the alleged rapist until I ran across the link above, which lists Jessica Rocha from the Raleigh News and Observer as the writer....If this case involves a black suspect and a white alleged victim, it will be very noteworthy to study how the MSM covers this, as opposed to how they have the Duke lacrosse case.

Law Prof. Kathleen A. BerginKathleen A. Bergin, Assoc. Prof. Law, Feminist Law Professors
“Not Innocent” (1/29) — The disconnect between legal culpability and social responsibility simmers just below the surface of reporting on the Duke sex scandal. In The Duke Assault Case: A Question of Race, CNN’s January 16 special on Duke, co-hosts Paula Zahn and Howard Kurtz reminded viewers of the evidence that will be offered to exonerate the defendants if prosecutors take the case to trial..

Kurtz’s pitiful attempt to demonize the victim in this case - and through her all Black women - obscures the significance of other facts conspicuously left out of CNN’s broadcast: (1) that team members called the two women “niggers” and “bitches”; (2) one threatened to rape them with a broomstick; (3) another spoke of hiring strippers in an e-mail sent the same night that threatened to kill “the bitches” and cut off their skin while he ejaculated in his “Duke-issued spandex;” and (4) one shouted to the victim as she left the team’s big house, “Hey bitch, thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt.” These facts are undisputed and highlight the sick and wretched depravity of this racialized episode...
TalkLeft: [Bob in Pacifica responded to Bergin's misstatement of the facts] - Not Innocent Says Prof. Kathleen A. Bergin — What was reported as fact, and what the post presumes, is in fact disputed...It should be noted that none of the comments has ever been connected to any of the three accused in this case...

LieStoppers: More madness from the Feminist Professors...

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