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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #294

Updated - today's items:

Chris Cuomo & Lara Setrakian, ABC News - Law & Justice Unit:
Exclusive: Duke Lacrosse Grand Jurors Speak Out — Grand Juror Says "Would Have Made a Different Decision" If he Knew What he Knows Now - In the spring, a grand jury in Durham, N.C., indicted three Duke University lacrosse players on charges of rape, sexual offense and kidnapping of an exotic dancer. Now, for the first time, members of that grand jury have broken their silence.

In an exclusive interview with ABC's "Good Morning America," two grand jurors described how they felt about the twists and turns that had rocked the case in the more than 10 months since a fateful lacrosse team party in March 2006. Fearing reprisals, the two grand jury members chose to remain anonymous...

When asked whether he would have made the same decision today to indict lacrosse players Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans, the first grand juror said he had second thoughts. "Knowing what I know now and all that's been broadcast on the news and in media, I think I would have definitely … made a different decision," he said to ABC News...

LieStoppers: GMA IS GOING TO INTERVIEW THE GRAND JURORS, Answers supposed to Surprise us!
TalkLeft: Good Morning America to interview Durham Grand Jurors
KC Johnson (see comments): Grand Jurors Speak Out
FreeRepublic.com: Grand Jurors Speak Out (The Hoax Unfolds)

Michael Gaynor: Fear in Durham — If a grand juror feels it necessary to be anonymous for saying that, in hindsight, the grand juror regrets voting to indict, imagine the courage it would take for an identifiable trial juror to vote to acquit!... Durham is a scary place!
Anne Blythe & Joseph Neff, News & Observer:
Nonprofit raises $750,000 toward lacrosse defense — A nonprofit corporation set up to help former Duke lacrosse players defray legal expenses is about a quarter of the way toward recouping an estimated $3 million spent to date. The Association for Truth and Fairness, incorporated in Delaware on April 19, has raised about $750,000, according to one of the three founders. Legal bills have mounted for David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann since an escort service dancer said she was sexually assaulted at a lacrosse team party last March.

The accused men have hired a team of defense lawyers that has spent hundreds of hours on the case. The team has hired private investigators, pollsters, and experts on DNA and forensics. Kevin Finnerty, father of Collin Finnerty, did not quibble with estimates of the $3 million spent so far. "Unfortunately, that is accurate," Finnerty said...
Texas Mom, LieStoppers forum:
Assoc. for Truth and Fairness, You're eligible too! — "The real message is just think how this would play out in a situation where someone did not have these kinds of resources available," Joyce said. My son is twenty-three and played club lacrosse. If my son had been the target of a frame-up like the hoax has been, I could not have afforded to even post the initial bail, much less pay for exceptional legal talent to fight the charges. No wonder Nifong, Brodhead, Crystal, the N.C. NAACP, and the 88 expected a plea deal- most students would have been forced to accept some sort of deal in lieu of staying in jail to await trial...
John Stevenson, Herald-Sun
Easley had asked Nifong not to run — Gov. Mike Easley did not want an "heir apparent" in the Durham district attorney's chair, and that is why he extracted a promise from Mike Nifong not to run for the office when he was appointed to it in 2005, a state spokeswoman said Monday.

In appointing Nifong to succeed former District Attorney Jim Hardin Jr. -- who became a judge -- Easley merely wanted a "placeholder or non-candidate" to fill the job until last year's election, said Easley spokeswoman Renee Hoffman. That way, those who wanted to compete at the ballot box "would be able to start from a level playing field," Hoffman added.

She said Nifong was "explicit" with the governor's legal counsel, Reuben Young, that "he had no intention of running for the office. The governor would have looked at the acting appointment very differently if he had known Nifong planned to run."...
comment: Mike Nifong lied? Shocking!

Letter by Robinson O. Everett, Professor, Duke Law School, News & Observer:
An odd promise — I was surprised by your Feb. 3 front-age headline "Easley: Nifong broke his word" and the accompanying article. The summary line with that article asserted that Gov. Mike Easley said "Nifong promised not to run for a full term." ...

it would seem that if Nifong lived up to the high recommendation he had received, Easley would have wanted him to run for a regular term as district attorney at the next election and continue to render good public service. Of course, I understand why Easley now wants to distance himself from Nifong; but I cannot understand why he would have requested or welcomed a promise by Nifong that he would not run in 2006 for election as Durham district attorney.

comment: Prof. Robinson O. Everett might be a little behind the story now. Prof. Everett is apparently a supporter of Mike Nifong. Everett also wrote an Op-Ed for the Herald-Sun back in May entitled: "Try a Lie Detector Test for Alleged Victim," which is no longer online, but which drew this letter in response:
Many prominent folks in Durham supported the candidacy of Mike Nifong for district attorney, none more distinguished than law professor Robinson Everett. His column of May 12, "Try a lie detector test for alleged victim" is sage advice. Given the accuser's troubled history of crying "rape," according to law enforcement officials, one might reasonably ask why Nifong did not administer such a test when she first made these allegations some two months ago. The job of prosecutor is not just to seek indictments; it is to seek justice. The suggestion that the accuser be given a lie detector test is not just good advice, it is an exit strategy for a prosecutor whose case now appears to be hopelessly lost.

May 20, 2006

comment: The case was hopeless lost in May, but here we are in February. Grrrr....
Kristin Butler, The Duke Chronicle:
The worst, kept secret... — Where did you first encounter the lacrosse accuser's real name? Were you searching yahoo.com, which indexes 89,500 websites containing her first, middle and last names? Or perhaps you stumbled upon the alleged victim's 2,000-word Wikipedia biography, complete with her name, military service record and educational history. Dilby.com hosts the woman's last known home address, voter registration information, a detailed criminal record, and even the names and ages of possible relatives. And if you'd like to know what she looks like, blogger Mike McCusker recently posted photos from the woman's high school yearbook on his blog along with stills of her face from a police video...

If that's all it takes for an complainant to shield his or her identity from the public, then media organizations must face the fact that they may contribute to more unfounded allegations like these. If the lacrosse allegations were, in the words of Kathy Seligmann, "so easy to perpetrate. All that it's based on is a woman's word�" I wonder, then, if we can continue justifying a media policy that creates a byproduct as serious as the problem it addresses.

Michael Gaynor:
From Phony First-Degree Felonies to Phony Petty Theft? I can't say I didn't expect it. North Carolina journalist and television commentator Cash Michaels (the person covering the Duke case for America's Black Press) is focusing on some $20 bills that allegedly changed hands at that unfortunate lacrosse team party last March and giving credence to the notion that there was a robbery at that party...Now Mr. Michaels is according respectability to anonymous sources! ... It's amazing what anonymous sources profess to know! ...

KC Johnson:
The "Robbery" SpoofThe Spoof, of course, is a spoof. But its editors appear to have gained access to the Wilmington Journal, which published a spoof-like article under the byline of Cash Michaels. How else to explain this week’s lengthy piece, alleging that the events of the last 10 months are all a hoax? Dave Evans, Reade Seligmann, and Collin Finnerty all decided to push ahead with a trial on sexual assault and kidnapping—because they were afraid to spill the beans about the accuser’s allegation of robbery, a misdemeanor in North Carolina.

For his column, Michaels cites “strong sources close to the case.” This qualifier presumably rules out Cousin Jakki. But Michaels’ “strong sources” remain shrouded in mystery...

comment: KC Johnson has gone big time. He now has is own Wikipedia entry.

discussion: LieStoppers forum -
Cash Michaels Pushes Robbery Charges
Cash 'in the bag' Michaelsrelated:
checking in with the Cash Michaels sock puppet — Our Hearts World

Feb. 4, 2007 - ADMINISTRATOR - NEVER RAISED FUNDING HERE FOR AV — Greetings to those who do not harbor hatred in their hearts, want the truth revealed whatever it is, and stand strong against those who would attack us just because they feel they can..

As you know, the Internet is alive and well with numerous blogsites dedicated solely to the Duke lacrosse alleged sexual assault and kidnapping case. One could reasonablly say that ourheartsworld.com would fit that bill, though clearly, that's where any and all comparisons would absolutely ends.

Virtually every other site devoted to the subject is authored and administered by journalist-or-detective-wannabes who believe their rank speculation, blatant lies and blanket condemnation of anyone who is not a Duke Three supporter qualifies them to be the ultimate authority of what's right and wrong in this case, if not in life.

Here's hoping none of these egomaniacs ever run for public office where they respectively live. Neo-Nazism simply just doesn't merit a place on the ballot.

But then there are the hate-filled mice these Pied Pipers of bias and ignorance attract out of the woodwork and onto their message boards, infesting the truth with their unique brand of vicious untruths about the accuser, her family, her supporters -Black and white, the African-American community, and this website...

It has been erroneously and viciously alleged by some Duke Three supporters who vehemently opposed even the existence of OurHeartsWorld.com, that this website has raised money for the Duke case accuser, and has sold advertising on this website since it was first launched on Mother's Day 2006.

For the record, those false allegations, and any others even so much as suggesting that this website, or any of its community sponsors, engaged in any fundraising efforts on behalf of the accuser, is a damnable lie...
Comment: Internet Flaming Rule #5. When you are a loser and you are supporting a lost cause or an untenable position it is never too late to start throwing the "N-word" at your enemies: the "Neo-Nazis," those hate-filled mice those Pied Pipers of bias.

LieStoppers forum: Check out Cash's site, Were gettin him but good!

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