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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #293

Updated - today's items:

Duke Walk Feb 4thEric Ferreri, News & Observer:
Walkers stand behind defendants, lacrosse — In the weeks after accusations of rape and sexual assault against three Duke lacrosse players were made public, Matt Weaver saw his sport's image hijacked. Now a senior co-captain of the lacrosse team at Riverside High School, Weaver watched last year as his sport's reputation became fodder for critics in the media and throughout the community.

"It felt like they were prosecuting lacrosse," Weaver said Sunday morning, one of about 100 people taking part in a community walk in support of the three accused Duke athletes. "Lacrosse as a sport was portrayed as the rich, white hooligans causing trouble in Durham."

Weaver and several other area high school lacrosse players walked Sunday to support the defendants and their sport.The walk was organized in part by K.C. Kercher, the mother of a Durham lacrosse player who considered playing at Duke but, as the saga played out last year, chose the University of Maryland. The walk was intended as a simple show of support for the accused players, she said...

YouTube: Duke Lacrosse News Coverage - WRAL 5 and NBC 17 coverage of the walk

Jon Ham, JohnLocke.org:
The Duke lacrosse support march — The Concerned Duke Moms march this morning went off without a hitch. About 120 people gathered at the Durham County Judicial Building, and at 11:05 they stepped off on their about-three-mile march to Duke’s Koskinen Stadium. Several Duke lacrosse parents were along for the trek, as were quite a few players and parents affiliated with Triangle-area high school lacrosse programs. A couple of UNC students were there in support of the players, as were a few former Duke men’s and women’s lacrosse players...

Duke MarchAll in all it was a successful event. The marchers were very dignified, the signs were PG-rated and spirits were high. A shuttle was provided to get people back to their cars downtown, but the Shooters Nite Club party van also was provided to help with transportation. If you’re ever in Durham for a game, stop off at Shooters (it’s downtown near Brightleaf Square, just around the corner from the James Joyce and the Federal).

I’ll have a video up as soon as I can edit it and get it up on YouTube....

LieStoppers: Today's Walk...
TalkLeft: The Duke lacrosse support march
American Constitution Society blog:
Federal Judge Slams Prosecutorial Elections — Just a few weeks after new ethics charges were filed which may lead to the disbarment of Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, Judge Boyce Martin of the Sixth Circuit published an opinion attacking prosecutorial elections for forcing prosecutors to choose between the Rules of Professional Conduct and the wishes of voters eager for "tough on crime" DAs:
A prosecutor who diligently attempts to promote justice by fairly presenting his case and relying on relevant evidence and testimony may have a harder task ahead of him than one who uses irrelevant and vitriolic attacks to win the jury’s vote. Yet the ethical duties of his profession require that he follow the former path rather than the latter...
TalkLeft: Why Prosecutors Shouldn't Be Elected: Nifong a Prime Example — Judge Boyce Martin of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a dissent, attacks the practice of choosing prosecutors by election, arguing that this often forces them to choose between obeying the Code of Professional Conduct and satisfying voters hungry for "tough on crime" policies...
John Hood, CarolinaJournal.com:
Easley Stumbles on Duke Lacrosse — Gov. Mike Easley has a significant public-relations problem on his hands. I wonder if he and his staff fully comprehend its magnitude...

But this is why the disclosure of Easley’s comments are so damaging. As far as we know, the governor didn’t attempt to rein Nifong in. A former prosecutor himself, Easley seems never to have intervened to encourage the Durham office to do its job properly. When the case took a turn for the outrageous, he didn’t ask for Nifong’s resignation.

What’s worse, when Nifong filed to run for DA last year and drew a strong challenge from Freda Black, Easley didn’t bother to mention that Nifong had lied to him about his political intentions. Democratic primary voters might well have valued that piece of information. By the fall, when Nifong’s malfeasance was clearly evident, Easley made no move to set the record straight. He did nothing...
related: KC Johnson: Hood on Easley
Bob in Pacifica, LieStoppers:
Our Collective Voice - The Limits Of Social Theory — I am proud to be a liberal. I’m against the war. I'm for gays being allowed to get married because I think gays should have the same rights as straights. I want statehood for Washington, D.C. because I think that people living there should be represented in Congress like citizens in the rest of America. I want a system of healthcare for everyone in this country. And I believe that under the law we all have the presumption of innocence. Part of the definition of being liberal is being “open-minded." That goes double when considering the guilt or innocence of someone accused of a crime. I never thought I’d have to say that, but after following the Duke case for almost a year I do.

My problem with Amanda Marcotte over at Pandagon started with a blog she wrote attacking LaShawn Barber for comparing the three Duke lacrosse defendants with the Scottsboro Boys...

John in Carolina:
The Attorney’s Lesson — An attorney I was talking with the other day gave me a lesson. The attorney said the public still has no idea “just how extraordinarily important and powerful” the DNA evidence is that DA Nifong and DNA Security Lab director Brian Meehan conspired to withhold from the defense. What follows is a close paraphrase, using a first person voice, of what the attorney then said:
Suppose it’s 1985 and those three guy are accused and indicted just as they were. Everything’s the same as it is now except no DNA. At the trial it’s only the woman’s word and she’s changed her story a couple of times. But that’s no problem. The prosecution puts expert witnesses on the stand who tell the jury it’s normal for a woman to change her story. I’ve seen cases where prosecutors have told juries that the woman changing her story is one more proof she was raped...
KC Johnson:
Consistencies — Much of this case has reflected an upside-down view of the criminal justice system, but perhaps no single aspect has been stranger than the consistent downplaying of a simple fact: the accuser has told myriad, mutually contradictory, stories, while the lacrosse players—everyone at the party—have maintained a consistent posture throughout...
comment: "No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar." - Abraham Lincoln
Ca$h "in the bag" Michaels, Wilmington Journal:
The Alleged Robbery No One Talks About, Week of Februaary 1-7, 2007 — Legal experts say the 30 or more Duke lacrosse (LAX) players who attended the March 13 underage drunken team party where a Black exotic dancer alleges she was sexually assaulted and kidnapped, had every right, on advice of legal counsel, to keep silent about what they saw and heard, even if they were possible witnesses to two alleged first-degree felonies...

But strong sources close to the case The Carolinian/Wilmington Journal have spoken with, allege that there were other reasons for the Blue Devil “wall of silence” beyond just protecting players’ constitutional rights. While those sources do not confirm that a rape or kidnapping took place, they do allege that a robbery did, specifically of over half of the $400.00 paid to the Black female accuser by the LAX players to perform.

That silence, sources say, helped to get common law robbery dropped as one of the original five charges that was being investigated initially by Durham police investigators...
comment: It's great to see the "Bag man" getting back to his roots - conspiracy theories and giving a voice to his inner retard.

LieStoppers forum: Cash Michaels Pushes Robbery Charges, As Case for Sexual Assault Implodes — This is without a doubt the stupidest article Cash has written to date. For the special Prosecutor to come back and charge the lacrosse players with robbing $240 after all that has happened would make the Attorney General's office and the state of North Carolina the laughing stock of the entire country. For Cash to think that this is even the most REMOTE possibility is just totally laugh out loud funny. I don't know, maybe his readers are idiotic enough to believe this drivel, but I would tend to doubt it...

TalkLeft: Ca$h continues to stir the 'something happened' pot... — Full of innuendo and unnamed sources. As usual...
John in Carolina:
Bill Anderson: Right from the start — Professor and columnist William “Bill” Anderson said at the end of his April 15, 2006 column:
”If this situation were not so politically charged, I seriously doubt whether rape charges would follow. Instead, we see something much worse, politics and government in action to railroad people into prison. What happened at the Duke party was ugly, but what has transpired since then is even uglier”
John Stevenson, Herald-Sun:
District attorney hires new assistant — Three weeks after succumbing to criticism and handing off the lacrosse matter to special state prosecutors, District Attorney Mike Nifong is summoning Assistant Attorney General Brian Wilks to Durham on a happier note. Probably beginning Feb. 12, although the date is subject to change, Wilks will begin working for Nifong as supervisor of District Court operations. That will put Wilks in a command position for Durham's busiest judicial forum, where hundreds of misdemeanor cases -- plus newly filed felonies -- are handled every day. Wilks will have a key role in determining which low-level felonies are finalized in District Court rather than being sent to a grand jury for indictment...

Michelle Malkin:
Read-along with John Edwards' blogger — Enjoy our Hot Air Theater presentation of the wit and wisdom of Amanda Marcotte, the official blogmaster of the John Edwards for President campaign...

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