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Friday, January 26, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #283

Updated - today's items:

Anne Blythe, News & Observer:
Professors say Nifong mishandled Duke case — This was not a crowd in which you would expect to find an ardent supporter of District Attorney Mike Nifong. It was Duke University, after all, the school attended by the three former lacrosse players charged in the sexual assault case that has stirred torrents of criticism. Three law professors on a Duke panel Thursday afternoon dissected the actions of Nifong over the past 10 months, and they concluded that he is a prosecutor headed for serious sanctions by the State Bar.

"If everything's established, we're looking at a significant suspension," said Tom Metzloff, a Duke law professor who also serves on the bar's ethics committee, which had nothing to do with the charges brought against Nifong...The Duke panel discussion, held at lunchtime Thursday in a law school auditorium, explored the role of the prosecutor and media...

comment: It is ironic that Anne Blythe wrote this story, because she helped write two terrible N&O articles (Mar 24th, Mar 25th) that helped start this hoax.

Duke Chronicle, Andrew Beach: Law Panel Decries Nifong's Conduct
KC Johnson: Duke Law School Panel

FreeRepublic: Professors say Nifong mishandled Duke lacrosse case — Where were these people 6 months ago? I guess it's safe to kick the corpse, now...They must have received a closed-door briefing from Captain Obvious.
KC Johnson:
Power of the (College) Press (see comments) — Few people any longer are defending the print media’s coverage of the lacrosse case. In a recent edition of CNN’s Realiable Sources, CNN and Washington Post media correspondent Howard Kurtz termed the event an “absolutely awful performance by the media, pumping this into a big national melodrama.” Christine Brennan, a reporter for USA Today, agreed that it was “an awful performance, an embarrassing time, I think, for journalism . . . I think some people lost their minds in this story.”

One general exception to this pattern exists: the college media. The journalists of the Duke Chronicle have provided more, and better, investigating reporting on the case than every reporter in the country combined except for Joe Neff...
related: TJN - 10 Lessons From the Duke Rape Hoax (see below)
Mark GottliebKC Johnson:
Gottlieb Watch (see comments) — Duke basketball was at home tonight, and so police were directing traffic after the game. At an intersection on Erwin Road (on the fringe of campus), the officer with the orange cone was none other than Sgt. Mark Gottlieb. It seems his career has hit a dry spell.
related: LieStoppers - Keep it moving (cartoon)

Rob Copeland, Duke Chronicle:
Has lax case changed alum support, giving? — It's no secret that private schools depend on their alumni to bankroll the billion-dollar endowments necessary to sustain a modern university. And although it remains unclear what effect the lacrosse scandal has had on Duke's alumni relations, one thing is certain-there are strong opinions all around...
LieStoppers forum: Rob Copeland's Post from Last Night...
John F. Burness, Sr VP, Public Relations, Duke Univ., WSJ.com (subs only):
Duke President Urged Caution on Scandal — In "The Michael Nifong Scandal" (editorial page, January 11), Dorothy Rabinowitz raises compelling criticisms of how the Durham, N.C. district attorney has handled the prosecution of the three Duke University students. The commentary also criticized Duke President Richard Broadhead for not speaking to the fundamental principle of a presumption of innocence until some seven months after the incident. President Brodhead, in his first public statement in the days following the alleged incident, urged that the students must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise -- an assertion he has made clearly and repeatedly in numerous subsequent communications to faculty, students, alumni and others.

As he told "60 Minutes: in August, ". . . my view is that the DA's case will be on trial as much as our players will be on trial." His statements have been reported widely. His comment with "60 Minutes" is still on its website, just as many of his other statements remain available on Duke's Web site.

Walter B. JonesSteve Daniels, ABC11 TV/WTVD:
Congressman Pushes for Probe Against Nifong (1/25) — North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones is demanding an investigation of Durham D.A. Mike Nifong. Thursday Jones met with the U.S. attorney general's office in Washington. He said he has a new reason why he thinks the nation's top law enforcement office will launch an inquiry.

According to the Jones, there is no excuse for the attorney general not to initiate a civil rights investigation because the three lacrosse players had their civil and constitutional rights violated.

The Congressman delivered letters from nine members of congress who think now that Nifong has removed himself as prosecutor on the Duke lacrosse case, the U.S. Justice Department should take action against the D.A...

Brielle Schaeffer, The Daily Evergreen (Washington State Univ.):
Support victims by informing students — Schaeffer examines the negative biases that often deter women from reporting sexual assault incidents. - For many women, speaking out about sexual assault is stigmatized and painful, because they have to relive the emotional trauma they suffered while testifying to authorities. Across the nation, in North Carolina, the upsetting allegations of rape charges brought against three Duke University lacrosse players are being dropped.

There are a few key factors that compose the meaning of such a case in our society: race, sex and violence. Every generation has the hope for itself and the future – that things will get better and life improve for the children. The privileged, white male students of Duke make up a part of the next generation’s leaders. Apparently a racist, sexist and violent generation. Not only is this a case about hate crimes, it’s about class.

There are still many questions surrounding the actual events of that night. Some reporters worry about the reputations of the men involved in the case, speculating that their names will never be redeemed even if they are innocent. But they’re wealthy kids with powerful parents who can pay for the best attorneys and depend on nepotism to get them jobs after graduation. These guys will not be the first group to benefit because of their money.
comment: Distortions and misinformation stage left.

related: Prof. William L. Anderson - Letter to Evergreen — There are some things to keep in mind. First, and most important, there was no rape. Second, the writer basically convicts the accused anyway because they are “privileged, white male students of Duke.” There are things called due process and rule of law that apparently the staff of the Evergreen wishes to overlook...
Betsy Newmark, Betsy' Page blog:
Nifong hoist by his own petard — As you read through the amended complaint, you can read between the lines about how ticked off the Bar Grievance Committee is at Nifong's lies to the Court, the defense attorneys, and their own committee. I can't imagine that Nifong won't be disbarred after this. I wonder if he'll still get a pension once he has been disbarred. If I were in the Durham government, I'd want to quick pass a provision that would deny him any pension if he is disbarred. They can use that money for the legal expenses the county is going to have not only defending themselves from any suit that the lacrosse players might bring but also from those who had been convicted in prosecutions run by Mike Nifong and now will ask for new trials. Especially if there was any DNA evidence involved. How can anyone have any faith in any other prosecution that this man conducted now that it is so clear about how easily he corrupted the whole procedure in this case? ...
Tom Delay (former congressman), TomDelay.com blog:
Blog Interview: Betsy Newmark — We recently conducted an interview with the well known conservative bloggers Betsy Newmark. Check out what she has to say!..

John in Carolina: A damn burst in Durham - Duke Mom Betsy Nemark says...
Kristin Collins, News & Observer:
Campus brawl brings FBI — Two more Guilford College football players were charged Thursday with beating a group of Palestinian students during a drunken weekend brawl, and the FBI is investigating whether a hate crime occurred on the small Quaker campus. Five members of the Greensboro school's football team now face charges of assault and racial intimidation...

The Sports Curmudgeon:
The Disgrace of the Duke Lacrosse Case — Mike Nifong is the District Attorney in Durham NC who has been "handling" the so-called Duke Lacrosse rape case. I'm sure you know that he's dropped the rape charges and that the alleged victim has changed her account of what happened that night several times...One thing I must say in Mr. Nifong's defense; he did stop short of accusing the three lacrosse players of the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, the disappearance of Judge Crater or harboring the fugitive, D. B. Cooper.

Kenneth Moton, News 14 Carolina:
Duke lacrosse scandal affects other programs — They were shockwaves felt around the world of lacrosse. It was the scandal of rape allegations involving the Duke University men's lacrosse team and a stripper that put a dark cloud over the game and its players.

“A lot of people started having negative opinions of lacrosse players in general,” said NC State men’s lacrosse club president Rick Pineda. He says players across the country leaned on each other for support and knew there was only one way to bounce back from the stereotypes and that’s emphasize the rules of conduct.

“Relay the importance of conduct, relay the importance of being well-behaved and representing not only ourselves but our university and the city of Raleigh,” said Pineda.

Michael Gaynor:
Duke case: Oh what a tangled web they weaved... — To: Potbangers, 88ers, NC NAACP, Wendy Murphy and their ilk (That is, those people who, the bogus Duke case, tried to milk)
Message: Below is the amended part of the ethics complaint.
What a false picture you folks tried so hard to paint.

Go ahead and read it. Mr. Nifong's now toast.
Yet the Duke Three, not he, you tried to roast...
Forum topics of note:
TalkLeft: Re: An attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client

LieStoppers: KARLA QUITS - AGAIN!, She's throwing a hissy fit - Karla Holloway quits another leadership post!

LieStoppers: Nifong Conflict of interest?, History of Nifong and the Mangums

Admin note: The Duke Basketball Report has redesigned their website - their new Duke lacrosse forum is here. Unfortunately they broke all their old links. Big ouch.
Older item:

Rony Camille, ABC News:
In the Shadow of Duke Lacrosse Case, Students Come Together (1/19) — First time event brings students together on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The Duke University lacrosse case continues in the courtroom, 10 months after three Duke students were accused of attacking an exotic dancer attending the predominantly black North Carolina Central University.

But this week, students from both schools stepped away from this legal drama that has engulfed them. For the first time, they came together to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with an act of community service. While packaging dry foods for developing countries they created a social opportunity for students from both schools. Nearly 600 students gathered in a North Carolina Central University gymnasium to feed the hungry, filling bags with items that included dehydrated vegetables, rice, chicken and soy. First time event brings students together on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The Duke University lacrosse case continues in the courtroom, 10 months after three Duke students were accused of attacking an exotic dancer attending the predominantly black North Carolina Central University.

But this week, students from both schools stepped away from this legal drama that has engulfed them. For the first time, they came together to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with an act of community service...

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