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Monday, January 22, 2007

Duke/Nifong Hoax: Day #279

Updated - today's items:

Richard BrodheadRob Copeland, Duke Chronicle:
Brodhead on the record (interview) — Brodhead recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Chronicle's Rob Copeland to discuss his handling of the lacrosse case, his opinion on Duke's increasingly vocal faculty and his treatment of the accused players. Assailed by critics of all persuasions for his actions in recent months, Brodhead is holding his ground even as calls for his resignation grow louder-although mostly from the blogosphere...

Copeland: Regarding Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong, you've released several statements over the past month about his conduct. Before then, especially before the election in November, why weren't you more outspoken, even when his improprieties were becoming more obvious?

Brodhead: I just can't believe I would have done anybody any good if I had made it my business to release a new statement everyday. All of us have spent far too much of our lives responding to yesterday's newspaper. The whole nature of this case is that we've got to get through the reports-and misreports-back into the truth of it...

TalkLeft: Brodhead Speaks Again [interesting analysis]— The campus crusaders had a two-pronged battle plan for emasculating the players: win the court case, and make the players look like reprobates. The case is falling apart, so now they're down to one prong. Aggravatingly, Brodhead is enabling them by suggesting that the LAX party was some type of bizarre abomination...[Brodhead's] administrations campus reaction has been to step back and expose the players to the hatred of their fellow students and professors...

LieStoppers forum: Brodhead interview in DUKE Chronicle, 01/22/07 edition — The idea that Brodhead's actions in this matter were neutral is absurd. When he fired the coach and cancelled the season, everyone in America took that as a judgment of guilt. He couldn't have been that naive about how the public would perceive his actions...

— When Brodhead was first made aware of the charges, they were portrayed as being iffy. Weeks later when the DNA results were announced, they were exculpatory. Nothing before or after that was said by Nifong made the case stronger.

I not only take issue with Brodhead's analysis, I challenge his honesty. But worse, I challenge his overall character. It takes a real worm to witness a clumsy railroad being operated without standing erect and condemning it. Especially when it wasn't that really hard to do.....

Duke Chronicle forum: Brodhead- Digging Deeper and Deeper

comment: Brodhead wanted nothing to do with Seligmann and Finnerty once they were indicted. His administration offered no support. Brodhead refused to meet with Finnerty's parents despite several requests. Friends of Duke University spokesman, Jason Trumpbour said:
Finally, the person in charge of the annual giving program told Brodhead that, unless he agreed to see the Finnerties, he would resign. Only then did Brodhead agree to meet them. In the meeting, Brodhead remained intransigent and he and Mrs. Finnerty got into terrible argument. The Finnerties walked out because Brodhead started insulting them...
Brodhead is a moral coward and he should not be the leader of Duke University.
Dick Brodhead is a lying dickDavid Graham, Duke Chronicle:
Leading under fire — Amid a crumbling legal case, has Duke's embattled president walked the right path? - Other than Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong and the three men he charged with rape, sexual offense and kidnapping, no one has come under more intense scrutiny in the lacrosse scandal than President Richard Brodhead. A series of public statements and the resignation of English Professor Karla Holloway this month from her post on the Campus Culture Initiative have once again brought Brodhead's actions to the fore-actions he said have been guided from the start by one simple idea.

"If you want to know what my strategy has been for dealing with this, it's been to try to do what was right, try to figure out what principles were involved-the principle of respect for evidence, the principle of taking seriously the community issues, the principle of presumption of innocence and due process-and fashion a response that tries to honor those principles," Brodhead said in an interview Friday...

Brodhead's refusal to publicly censure the signers of an April 6 ad in The Chronicle commenting on the campus's social climate has been a central focus of criticism. The president said he believes the appropriate role for him is not to advocate one position or another but to remind the community of the values they need to observe...
Nicholas A. Molina, The Harvard Crimson:
Duke University President Richard H. Broadhead denies interest in Harvard presidency — Duke University’s president declared late last week that he has no intention to fill the post left by former University President Lawrence H. Summers. Asked last week whether he would leave Duke to lead Harvard, President Richard H. Brodhead wrote in an e-mail, “What a foolish question. I already have a great job,” according to the Duke Chronicle.

Brodhead, who assumed the Duke presidency in 2004, was on the list of 30 candidates vetted by the presidential search committee looking to replace Summers, The Crimson reported last month...
Forum topic(s) of note:
LieStoppers: A Personal Perspective, Rape isn't a CAUSE to bang pots over! — I was raped when I was in my mid 20's, almost 30 years ago now. Crystals various changes to her claims, her statements made of how it's altered her daily life and the fears she expresses don't ring true at all. Certainly each victim of rape will have their own unique reaction to it, but all true rape victims have common ground. Crystal and I share no such common ground. I was raped. She was clearly not. I will tell you why from the insight of a rape victim...

LieStoppers: Letting Duke Off the Hook, Professor Coleman and Chronology

LieStoppers: Concerned Mothers Walk Of Support, Support Reade, Collin and Dave on 4th!

Concerned Mothers Walk of Support.
Mary Laney - columnist Chicago Sun-TimesMary Laney, Chicago Sun-Times:
Innocent Duke lacrosse players stuck in P.C. nightmare — If I were one of the parents of the Duke lacrosse players I would be mad as hell right now. Those parents have been put through the wringer for seven months -- and forced to come up with God knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect their sons from what appear to be made-up accusations.

Their sons have been called racists and rapists and violent spoiled frat boys and more. Why? Because a black stripper accused the white boys of rape and an ambitious district attorney, running for office in Durham, N.C., saw the case that could bring him the winning votes from African Americans.

I have two sons and, had this nightmare happened to them, I would be going after not only the district attorney but some Duke professors and the university president as well. They put political correctness before due process in the railroading of these young Duke students....
TalkLeft: Chicago Sun- Op Ed on Duke Fiasco
John in Carolina:
Herald-Sun fakes & circulation declines — It’s been ten months since the False Accuser began telling a series of wildly improbable, contradictory and changing stories about being gang-raped, strangled, kidnapped, etc., etc. Since then Editor Bob Ashley’s Durham Herald Sun’s reporting and editorializing have helped sustain the False Accuser’s malicious claims.

Worse, the H-S has encouraged and praised DA Mike Nifong and certain Durham Police officers’ frame-up of three innocent young men, whom the H-S has time and again trashed. To “sell” the frame-up, the H-S often relies on fakery...

John L. BarkerLieStoppers:
"Levelheaded and Unbiased," Barker Revisits The Durham DA's Race — The Herald-Sun published a curious letter today from John L. Barker of Monroe, North Carolina. Mr. Barker writes:
"The wrong choice?

"Last November, the voters of Durham County were given a choice of candidates for the job of district attorney: a left-wing, liberal idiot who had no political experience or understanding of the job, a civil lawyer who stated he would not serve if he was elected and an experienced criminal lawyer. One in eight voted for the criminal lawyer. The lawyer elected has embarrassed the county so much that Duke University's early applications have dropped 20 percent and he has turned the case that he campaigned on over to the state's attorney general.

"Says a lot about the intelligence of Durham voters, doesn't it?"
It appears that today’s letter is not the first instance of Mr. Barker arrogantly insulting the intelligence of Durham voters....

KC Johnson:
An Agenda for the General Assembly — The North Carolina General Assembly opens its 2007 session later this week. I would like to think that legislators would learn from the misconduct of Mike Nifong, and consider reforms to address some of the problems in the state’s legal system that the lacrosse case has brought to light. To that end, here are seven proposals for reform in the 2007 session....

Lysa Chen, Duke Chronicle:
SNL skit propels lax case to world of satire — Viewers tuning into NBC last month might have seen TV personality Nancy Grace delivering one of her frequent tirades against the Duke men's lacrosse team. This one went even farther than most. Grace stared into the camera, threatening to pluck out and eat the living hearts from the chestal cavities of the lacrosse players.

"It'll be the last thing you ever see," she said. "I've read up on how to do this."

Of course, it wasn't the real CNN anchor on screen, but instead Amy Poehler of NBC's Saturday Night Live, whose deadpan impersonation of Grace on the show's Dec. 16 episode has sparked some controversy about what is considered appropriate material for comedy...

Updated - yesterday (1/21):

Phil MushnickPhil Mushnick, NY Post:
Festering Issues in Duke Lacrosse Case — On one hand, "60 Minutes" lately has done an admirable and thorough job, devoting two full segments to the wishful-thinking American justice system that left three Duke lacrosse players indicted for rape. On the other hand, what took it so long? "60 Minutes" could've reached many of the same conclusions 10 months ago, when the charges against the students were first made...

the answer is found in race. Once race enters the equation, the news media is easily frightened. Who wants to be branded a racist? But those who genuinely and bravely pursue the truth shouldn't care.

related: KC Johnson (1/22) - Mushnick on the Case — A depressing, if perceptive, commentary.

Jon SandersJon Sanders, TownHall.org:
Sympathy for the Gang of 88 — Tonight, in Durham, 87 college professors and instructors are hurting. The outside world has misunderstood them. Goodness, they didn't mean to claim the lacrosse players were guilty of gang rape. They just meant to say that all of you are guilty for making that racist gang rape possible. Even though it didn't happen. Because, you know, it's just like what's happening every day to students at Duke....

But the campus that had been subject to numerous hoaxed incidents of racial and sexual violence had yet to witness the level of "freaking out" it would reach in 2006....No, the lesson of past hoaxes hadn't been learned after all at one of the nation's most prestigious institutions of higher learning. It seems Duke hasn't changed.
Court TV: Racist Duke professors who made race the issue refuse to apologize..
Howard KurtzCNN RELIABLE SOURCES (transcript) — [Aired January 21, 2007 - 11:00 ET] -

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: The Duke debacle. Now that the rape case is crumbling, should the media apologize for rushing to judgment and turning one woman's shaky charges into a racial maelstrom?...The Duke rape case which sparked such a media frenzy last spring when a black woman made allegations against three white lacrosse players has been slowly collapsing. The accuser changed her story so many times that the rape charges were dropped but sexual assault charges remained. Prosecutor Mike Nifong bowed out of the case, turning it over to North Carolina's attorney general. But the media's role in this case remains controversial, as does that of the woman whose identity is being protected by news organizations.
CASH MICHAELS, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "THE CAROLINIAN": Here you had the perfect storm of a crime story. The steps over there, you couldn't breathe on those steps. There was a camera here from every part of the country because it was a good story.

GAIL DINES, SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR - WHEELOCK COLLEGE: I think this woman has been hung out to dry by the media. I think questions about her morality, her emotional stability, her psychological stability, which is what happens to women in rape cases, and especially to women of color... (END VIDEO CLIP)

KURTZ: Joining us now from Boston, Callie Crossley, media commentator and panelist on WGBH's "Beat the Press." And in Toledo, Ohio, Christine Brennan, sports contributor for "USA Today" and a contributor to ABC News....
Bruce Walker, WebCommentary.com:
Federally Mandated Lynching — The Lacrosse Rape Case - In considering the ethical obscenity of the Duke Lacrosse Rape-Lynching, it is important not only to consider the crimes of Mike Nifong, both moral and legal, but also the crimes, both moral and legal, of the federal government in its notorious “advocacy” role. The 1994 Crime Bill under Bill Clinton included the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA.) This program was always flawed. Funds provided under the program, for example, could not be used to help male victims of violent crime – in spite of the fact that the majority of victims of violent crime are male.

But this sort of consistent, petty bigotry against men has proven to be just the tip of the iceberg. This “advocacy” program began putting in conditions that were calculated to prevent serious investigation about whether or not rape actually occurred....

Michael Gaynor:
Duke case: Too much for NC NAACP — Announcing that the NAACP is "mindful of the long history of sexual violence against women," that once-respected organization continued to fan the flames of racism as the case moved from Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong's dirty hands into those of another prosecutor. Durham Herald-Sun, January 19, quoting the president of North Carolina's NAACP chapter, Reverend William J. Barber. Dr. Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, "expressed concern that the Duke case could potentially have a chilling effect on women, particularly African Americans, filing sexual violence complaints."

One wonders how, given the facts publicly revealed, any organization can focus its concern only on those who launch sex complaints while ignoring those falsely accused, genuine victims...

James WalkerexoneratedMSNBC/AP:
DNA exonerations raise issues in Texas county (1/20) - 12th person cleared in Dallas County, more than most states -

DALLAS - In a case that has renewed questions about the quality of Texas justice, a man who spent 10 years behind bars for the rape of a boy has become the 12th person in Dallas County to be cleared by DNA evidence.

That is more DNA exonerations than in all of California, and more than in Florida, too. In fact, Dallas County alone has more such cases than all but three states — a situation one Texas lawmaker calls an "international embarrassment."

James Waller, 50, was exonerated by a judge earlier this week and received an apology from the district attorney's office after a new type of DNA testing on hair and semen showed he was not the rapist who attacked a 12-year-old a boy living in Waller's apartment building in 1983. The boy had been the chief witness against him...
Steve, McGonigle,Dallas Morning News:
Old cases back to haunt county - Why were exonerated convicts found guilty to begin with?
admin note: Duke/Nifong hoax days are counted from April 18, 2006, the day Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were arrested.

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