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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Duke Hoax: Day #263

Updated - today's Items:

Reade Seligmann - Newsweek interview - just before the new yearSusannah Meadows, Newsweek (Jan. 15, 2007 issue):
In Scandal's Shadow — Last April, Duke lacrosse star Reade Seligmann huddled with his dad at a Durham, N.C., law firm. A stripper hired to perform at a team party on March 13 claimed several players raped her. In a lineup, she'd identified three of them as her alleged assailants. Seligmann now awaited a call from the prosecutor that would tell him if he was one of the players she'd singled out. He felt certain he would be cleared. The call came. Reade, 20, was being indicted for first-degree rape, kidnapping and sexual offense. He had a strong alibi—cell-phone records would show he was busy calling his girlfriend at the time the alleged crime was taking place—but the D.A. declined to hear it. As he heard the news, Reade looked at his dad. It was the first time he'd ever seen his father cry. Then it hit him: how was he going to tell his mom? Kathy Seligmann was home in New Jersey with her three other boys. He dialed her number. "Mom," he said, "she picked me."

Just before the new year, Reade sat with NEWSWEEK for an exclusive four-hour interview....

The three accused players talk regularly, and their mothers are in close touch, too. Everyone in the Seligmann family has tried not to become bitter, and Reade promised his dad he wouldn't let the case ruin his life. "I always believed that the truth will trump everything," he says. "I have to believe that." He'd already planned to go to law school, but now, he says, it's gotten personal: he wants to become a criminal defense lawyer...

LieStoppers forum: In Scandal's Shadow, Newsweek — Must read!
TalkLeft: Newsweek - In Scandal's Shadow
FreeRepubic: Newsweek story — Here we have the same Ms. Meadows and her editors who in their early reporting stereotyped the lacrosse players as rich white privileged jocks, now devoting an entire piece to humanizing Reade Seligmann. So nimble, the MSM...

anti-Nifong sign
Comment: The pot banging professor gets more props -

Kim F. CurtisKC Johnson:
Dowd and Duke — Curtis had adopted one of the most extreme anti-lacrosse positions of any Duke professor. Not only had she signed the Group of 88’s statement and attended rallies denouncing the players (background, in this photo), but on March 29, she emailed fellow Durham activists expressing outrage that defense attorneys had (correctly) stated that no DNA match would occur to any lacrosse player. “The self assurance,” wrote Curtis,
in the statement issued yesterday by the team that they will be exonerated by the results of the DNA testing makes me wonder if we’ve gotten the full story about who was at the house that night. Were there others present who in fact carried out the rape and who are being protected by everyone else who was there? How do we know who was there?
Ponder the implications of that statement. In writing, a Duke faculty member had suggested that Dowd and the other lacrosse player in her class were accomplices to rape.

The two players then suffered identical fates in their third paper. Curtis gave both an F on the final paper...

Prof. Kim Curtis at potbanger rallyrelated:
John Taddei, Duke Chronicle (7/29/06) — Living A Nightmare: Lax players speak out -
[Duke lacrosse senior John Walsh], however, saw the other side of the spectrum.

After missing an assignment for a class while meeting his lawyers in Maryland, Walsh received a poor grade on the makeup project he had been assigned, and he paid a visit to the teacher to discuss it.

Once in the teacher's office, Walsh said his professor lashed out about how his team "wasn't right" and that sophomore Ryan McFadyen was "sick in the mind" for sending an e-mail she believed to be entirely inexplicable, in which the sophomore joked about killing and skinning strippers.

Prof. Kim Curtis at Potbanger rallyUpset with the teacher's inability to empathize with his personal situation, Walsh recalled that he said, "Well, I'd just hoped you'd have some sympathy, it's not the easiest time in the world right now."

"Yeah, well if you guys really were innocent, I would feel sorry for you," he remembered the teacher telling him.

"I couldn't look the teacher in the eyes again," Walsh said. "I never want to see her again."

John Burness, senior vice president for public affairs and government relations, said, "We did hear rumors early on, reports early on, that some faculty members were permitting a potentially hostile situation within a classroom environment" ...

Dan Abrams provides analysis of Dowd lawsuit for Tucker Carlson, Jan 5, 2007Dan Abrams with Tucker Carlson, MSNBC:
Lax player sues Duke (video 5:44 min, Jan 5th) — Former lacrosse player Kyle Dowd is suing Duke, charging that one of his professors failed him because he was on the lacrosse team. MSNBC's Dan Abrams provides analysis.

comment: Abrams does not currently believe that Kyle Dowd has a very strong case. Abrams also said it appears that the sexual assualt/kidnapping case, against Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann, will "limp" to trial. This despite the fact that Mike Nifong clearly never had the evidence to indict. Abrams said that he's happy to see others jump on the bandwagon now, but both he and Tucker were saying Nifong had no case months ago (since May). Tucker Carlson added in closing that the day Mike Nifong goes to jail will be one of the happiest days in his young life. The transcript will be available by 3pm Monday. Dan also needs a shave.
some of Dan Abrams' past hoax reporting:
"I don‘t understand how Mike Nifong brought this case. I really don‘t understand it." - Dan Abrams, June 19, 2006, (MSNBC had the entire discovery file for the Duke case at that time)

‘Throw in the towel’? (video link rt. side) May 24: MSNBC-TV's Dan Abrams says if the Duke rape investigation prosecutor doesn't have more evidence than defense attorneys have revealed, he should "throw in the towel."
MSNBC says Nifong has no case — Johnsville, June 20
Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Around the Horn — Johnsville, May 25
Abrams defends dropping charges — Johnsville, May 26
Abrams interview with Finnerty's, Today Show — Johnsville, June 30
Abrams lambastes Nifong — Duke Chronicle, June 22, 2006

'The Abrams Report' for April 7 — infamous interview with Mike Nifong
'The Abrams Report' for April 14 — exclusive airing of party photos
'The Abrams Report' for April 28 — discuss 1993 Creedmoor, NC, incident
'The Abrams Report' for May 24 — "I say it's time to throw in the towel."
'The Abrams Report' for May 25 — defends dropping of charges to viewers
'The Abrams Report' for June 6 — discuss Roberts' Vanity Fair interview
'The Abrams Report' for June 19 — Abrams says again that Nifong has no case
'The Abrams Report' for June 20 — Susan Filan has doubts about Nifong's case
'The Abrams Report' for June 27 — Discussion of Motion - Bill of Particulars

discussion: LieStoppers forum - Greta's ratings and Dan Abrams
Michael Gaynor:
Justice for Duke Lacrossers: The Dowd family strikes back! — The Dowd family has sued Duke University and Professor Kim F. Curtis! May justice be done! [detailed summary of lawsuit documentation]
Kim Curtis discussion:
LieStoppers forum: KC Johnson on Dowd's 3 Papers, Something is Rotten in Durham
TalkLeft: Lacrosse Player Kyle Dowd Sues Duke Univ and Prof. Curtis
William L. Anderson - teaches economics at Frostburg State UniversityWilliam L. Anderson:
Duke: The Anatomy of a Hoax — what information did Nifong actually have the day he walked into the grand jury room and call for two of the young men (and later the third) to be formally charged with crimes. The scandal is that Nifong knew nothing more that day than what we know now, and what we know now tells us that Nifong has perpetrated a hoax, a lie, a set of lies...

For the time being, however, the case plows on to a scheduled hearing on February 5 as though Nifong were telling the truth and Mangum really were assaulted. One can only hope that Smith will not enable this rogue prosecutor in the way that Stephens and Titus did – to their everlasting shame. If Smith permits this hoax to go to trial, then he will have endorsed outright prosecutorial lies and misconduct. One hopes that this jurist will see things differently.

KC Johnson: More Cathy Davidson: In Her Own Words

(humor) We just got sued.. , (humor) Play well , KC Johnson: Duke & Dowd

Mike McCusker:
Munchfest '07 (humor) — Kim Curtis...I call this At Edens C...
I learned the truth 3/23
Cro-Magnon men in class with me
Two silent cowards hiding lies
My God, what if they are the guys?...
Paul Cuadros, Time:
Teacher Support for the Duke Players — Now that rape charges have been dropped, some faculty members are expressing regret over what some saw as bias against their own students. Now the teachers are going at each other. Shortly after members of the Duke University Lacrosse team were accused of rape last March, 88 faculty members signed an open letter which appeared in the student newspaper sympathizing with the accuser. Now, after the case against the students appears to be falling apart, 17 members of the economics department faculty have sent a letter to the student newspaper expressing their support for the players, and stating in part, "We regret that the Duke faculty is now seen as prejudiced against certain of its own students" ...
LieStoppers: Teacher Support for the Duke Players
Editorial - Cleveland Plain-Dealer:
Just a rotten case — As the prosecution of Duke's lacrosse players unravels, the evidence favors a day in court for the district attorney. Amid the irredeemable mess that is the prosecution's sexual assault case against three Duke University lacrosse players, one thing is certain: Durham, N.C., District Attorney Mike Nifong has so badly managed the matter that he must recuse himself...

A large chorus is calling for dismissal of all charges - a stark contrast to last spring's outraged certainty that the players deserved severe punishment. Why? First, the accuser has changed her story repeatedly. Second, Nifong misled the court when he said he'd released all DNA evidence. Finally, one defendant has concrete evidence showing he was not at the house at the time of the alleged incident...

Given these circumstances, it's ridiculous to believe an impartial jury could convict the defendants on the remaining charges. At the very least, it's time for an outside party to evaluate the prosecution's case.
KC Johnson: The Rust Belt Weighs In — Three papers from the old center of the steel industry have joined the media chorus of Mike Nifong’s critics. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review...the News-Herald, based in northeastern Ohio....The most devastating editorial comes from Ohio’s largest and most prestigious paper, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.
Editorial - Pittsburg Tribune-Review:
The Duke case: Nifong's irony — The North Carolina bar has had enough of Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. It has called him to account for his egregious behavior prejudicial to the three defendants in the Duke University lacrosse (former) rape case. There's nothing quite like a DA trying a case in public.

"I'm not going to let Durham's view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players raping a black girl in Durham," he said...

Nifong had decided to withhold the [DNA] results. That may be a crime. Nifong clings to charges of kidnapping and sexual offense on the word of a woman who has changed her story many times. Nifong took the oath of office on Tuesday -- in private. The condign irony is that while Nifong conspired to get three young men and win an election, he may have gotten himself.

Editorial - The News-Herald (Northeast Ohio):
N.C. district attorney fumbles Duke case — Bouquets and brickbats - BRICKBAT: To Durham County, N.C., District Attorney Michael Nifong, who is continuing to prosecute three Duke University lacrosse players on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping, despite what most observers say is the flimsiest of evidence. Nifong, who was re-elected in November, was sworn in for his second term Tuesday in a ceremony he barred the media from, knowing that many outlets would want to cover it because of the controversy over the Duke lacrosse case....

That he hasn't dropped all charges defies logic, and the whole sordid tale raises serious questions about his integrity.
Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic TalkKathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensic Talk:
Duke Lacrosse Nurse has Only Seven Months Experience? — Comment from Kethra:
Ms. Levicy indicated in 2003 she was going to enroll in an NP program. If she indeed did that, she could be in her clincals and thus doing SANE by virtue of the NP (shudders).

If not, as it now appears, Duke allowed a nurse who is barely off Graduate Nurse probation do a SANE exam, I would have to call into question the competency of the Nurse Manager for Duke ED. I would feel that way even if Ms. Levicy was in NP clinicals given her extreme lack of experience.
Excellent post! Thank you for your comments Kethra...I double checked the educational and clinical requirements for NP programs at various universities....

Diffuse Vaginal Edema
- The following is quoted from Dr. Dudley's book, Forensic Medical Investigation. It's an example of court questions of an expert....

LieStoppers - Interesting post from Forensic talk...boring forensics
LieStoppers - Tara Levicy, What "dogpile.com" revealed..

Jim Wise, News & ObserverOpinion - Jim Wise, News & Observer:
Time heals all wounds, not DAs — So now our district attorney says he wants to be part of Durham's "healing process." What, he's going to lead the quarter-million of us in a round of "Kumbaya"? Pardon, but this seems like the guy who set the barn on fire saying he'll go fetch the water hose. Durham being Durham, we might want an outside opinion on what's in that water first. And not an outside opinion the district attorney gets to pick. Durham, oh, Durham. What is it about gritty, funky, peculiar old Durham that makes it such a long-running theater of the absurd? Something in the water? Something in the air?

About the time last week that the state bar was filing ethics charges against the honorable DA, the Convention and Visitors Bureau was taking names for a "Durham Image Watch."...Help us heal? Can anyone say "lobotomy"? Better yet, just spare us the favor, Mike.
IndyWeek.com: Inside The Herald-Sun - One year after a traumatic takeover by the Paxton Media chain, Durham’s hometown newspaper offers more local content, but less news....Jim Wise worked for The Herald-Sun for more than 23 years, often writing columns that connected the city’s history with local events. He was fired on the first day of Paxton’s ownership...
Letter by John S. Gilsenan (Cary, NC), News & Observer:
He is 'the problem' - Disbelief is the only possible reaction to Mike Nifong's arranging to have a private swearing-in for himself (news story, Jan. 3). Since when in a democracy does a publicly elected official find it necessary to swear his oath of office behind locked doors?...

Nifong either fails to appreciate (or fails to care?) about the adverse impact his handling of the Duke lacrosse case is having. His swearing-in ceremony and his accompanying inappropriate remarks demonstrate again his inability to manage reality. It is up to either Durham or the state to remove him from the case and from his office, and to do so now.

Cash MichaelsCash Michaels, Wilmington Journal/BlackPressUSA.com
Pressure is on Durham D.A. to Drop Charges — When The Wilmington Journal recently published an editorial titled “How Money Trumps Justice,” suggesting that the only fair way to determine the guilt or innocence of the Duke Three defendants is allowing the criminal justice process to proceed, instead of Nifong dropping charges, the response was both explosive and angry....The paper says it stands by its editorial...

the manner in which Durham’s African-American community has been portrayed by the... defense team in its change of venue motion is also a source of concern...
LieStoppers: Cash's latest
ABC11 TV/WTVD: Cash - Cash...
TalkLeft: The latest Cash Michaels...
Other forum topic of note:

Court TV: New Black Panthers on O'Reilly - 1/5/07
- Here's some of the statments that were made by Malik Shabazz:
Malik Zulu Shabazz"...Be here from gavel to gavel..." [in Durham]

He "still stands behind those statements" (referring to the rally that was held on May 1st).

The LAX players have demonstrated "drunken and immoral behavior for years".

When asked about feelings in reference to Finnerty and Seligmann being invited back to Duke, Shabazz's response was, "Duke is wrong...the lacrosse team shouldn't play this year" and "they're not angels."

When asked if he could or would ever change his opinion: "I will accept a not guilty verdict if that's the verdict returned by a jury of her peers."

When asked if he felt bad about the rally held in May: "No, I don't feel badly about the rally."

Shabazz says the "trial has been tainted".

O'Reilly asked him if these boys deserved the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. Shabazz's response was there is "enough probable cause", "something wrong happened in that house", "strong case that will leave these three behind bars"...

more discussion:
ABC11 TV/WTVD forum - NBP on O'Reilly

comment: Malcolm X also used the name Malik Shabazz
TalkLeft: COMPARISON OF EVIDENCE: We're killing 'em! — THEM: 1. Inconsistent and impeached testimony of false accuser....US: DEFENDANTS' EVIDENCE 1. ...77+

Letters to Charlotte Observer:
Kimm Williams (Charlotte) — Young black men, too, would like apology -
In response to "Former Duke lacrosse player sues school over failing grade" (Jan. 5):

As an African American, I'm fed up with all this nonsense. These lacrosse players feel that they're owed an apology for being dragged through the legal system? Well, welcome to the real world.

Every day in my neighborhood (28206), African American males are pulled over because they fit a "description," then searched and talked to disrespectfully. If they respond with displeasure or "threatening" gestures, they risk arrest.

Even sadder are the many men, black and white, who remain in jail -- losing wages, jobs and respect -- because they lack the financial privilege to post bail. Often charges are dropped or reduced after being found without merit.

For having been "inconvenienced" these young men hear no apologies -- only "You are free to go."
Lanisha Ennis (Salisbury, NC) — Not all black people take Nifong's side -
I couldn't agree more with "Lacrosse case isn't racial tug of war" (Jan. 2 Forum). Not all black people blindly support Nifong. This case should have been dropped long ago, not because the accuser was a stripper or the defendants were rich and white, but because the evidence just isn't there.
Michael Gustafson (Duke Engr. Prof.) blog:
Creative Writing (1/5) — Many, including me, originally thought that President Brodhead was, in fact, supporting the students by using the term "innocent until proven guilty." Then I started to read other statements and got a better feel for the context of them (much of this education was at the hands of www.johnincarolina.com, with whom I still do not always agree, but whom I thank for a broadening perspective!)....
John in Carolina: Wonderful Brodhead parody (1/6) — [Gustafson's] put together a wonderful Brodhead parody concerning the Dowd suit alleging visiting Political Science Professor Kim Curtis, a Group of 88 signatory, gave a Men's lacrosse team member an undeserved failing grade.
John in Carolina:
At the N&O: Truth and cover-up (1/5) — Readers Note: Back on Dec. 26 at the Editors' Blog Melanie Sill, executive editor for news at The Raleigh N&O, the paper which for nine months withheld from readers and the rest of media the news that the false accuser, in her Mar. 24 interview, had identified the second dancer and made statements which the N&O says it didn’t mention because they were libelous...

La Shawn BarberLa Shawn Barber:
Hispanic-on-Black Violence: Protestors, Where Are You? (1/3/07) - a white man [Michael Richards] calling a black man a nigger in a club garnered more attention than routine gang-murders of blacks in LA. The alleged gang-rape of a black stripper and prostitute captured the jaded minds of white liberals and their black lackeys all over the globe and caused so-called black academics to reveal how intellectually hollow and stultifying comical they really are. Yet, there will be no joint “Group of 88″ statement decrying the murders of decent black folks by latino gangs in LA...

Calculated Risk

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