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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #242

Nifong needs to at last do the right thing and drop this case. He can't possibly win. His only motivation for continuing is to bleed the families of the accused as much as he can. Nifong is a petty and vindictive man. And when this is over, he will be a beaten man, with neither reputation nor credibility. - David Highlands
Updated - today's items:

Brian Meehan at court FridayNeff, Niolet, Blythe; News & Obsever:
Lab chief: Nifong said don't report all DNA data — Testimony reveals that lab testing that could have been favorable to defendants in the Duke lacrosse case was omitted from a report and was not disclosed to the defense....The testimony of DNA Security director Brian Meehan could create difficulties inside and outside the courtroom for Nifong. The district attorney did not challenge Meehan's testimony, but he said after court that he did not withhold evidence. He said the defense could have asked for that material all along....
"I tell you, the more you hear about his missteps, the more you have to question whether it's purely a matter of incompetence or worse," said James E. Coleman, a law professor at Duke University who has been critical of Nifong.
KC Johnson:
Nifong and the Naïf (see comments) — Perhaps the quality of the defense bar in Burlington, North Carolina, is unusually low. It appeared yesterday as if DNA Security head Brian Meehan had never before faced a challenging cross-examination: over a 90-minute period, he withered under questioning from Brad Bannon and Jim Cooney...

Over and over again, Meehan informed the court that he and Nifong conspired to deny the civil rights of the three accused players and quite possibly the entire team.

LieStoppers discussion: There was a Criminal Conspiracy

Mike McCusker, Crystal Mess:
Comfortable Liar — summary of Nifong's lies, deception and conspiracy.

Brendan Nyhan (Ph.D. candidate, Duke Univ.):
Duke lacrosse case in free fail — DNA Security director Brian Meehan dealt yet another blow to the crumbling Duke lacrosse prosecution yesterday with this testimony about DNA test results from his lab that were not provided to the defense
Defense on offense — Defense attorneys continued to hammer away at the Duke lacrosse rape prosecution case Friday, questioning a private lab director who acknowledged his report on DNA testing had omitted information that none of the Duke players were a match for genetic material recovered from the accuser...

Michael Gaynor:
Duke case: Going, but not yet gone — Today was a very good day for truth in the Duke case....

David Highlands letter, Herald-Sun:
Nifong's petty motive — Nifong needs to at last do the right thing and drop this case. He can't possibly win. His only motivation for continuing is to bleed the families of the accused as much as he can. Nifong is a petty and vindictive man. And when this is over, he will be a beaten man, with neither reputation nor credibility.

Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE; Forensics Talk:
Paternity Test for Duke Rape Accuser's Baby Approved; DNA Tests Under Fire — I sat there watching that non-believable interview Jakkie gave, just shaking my head at the absurdity of it. Her insinuations were almost as ridiculous as what I read about that Victoria Peterson person declaring that the DNA in the Duke case must have been tampered with at the hospital. No offense, but I think someone needs to educate those two women. Just to make it clear, all patients over 13 who are treated at the sexual assault units have a pregnancy test done and are offered the option of taking the morning after pills. The pills are given two at a time, times two doses 12 hours apart....

Michael Ramirez, Investor's Business Daily:
The Duke Rape Case -
Michael Ramirez - The Duke Rape Case
courtesy: flapsblog

Mike NifongDouglas Salguod, PugBus.com:
Duke Lacrosse Case Solved: The Black Guy Did It "After seeing the statistical results—only a one-in-three-hundred-million chance that any one of the three is more than three percent of African heritage—it became clear that I had charged the wrong people. I am very sorry about that," said Nifong.

Nifong immediately charged the one person on the Duke lacrosse team who hadn't been tested: the black guy. Nifong says his standard, formal protocol of DNA sampling, testing, processing and withholding evidence was not necessary after looking at the lacrosse team photograph which was used in the photo ID of three previously charged players...

Christmas in Hoaxland
Kneefong's "Expert"

comment: WRAL.com redesigned their website. This broke the links to old WRAL articles and the documentation for the Duke case that they had on file. The documentation might have possibly all been removed, still looking for it. This sinks. Check their new archives if you are trying to find something.

Forum topics of note:

LieStoppers: Timing of Pregnancy Announcement
LieStoppers: Today's Hoax Hearing
TalkLeft: Holy BOMBSHELL! New Eyewitness Motion
TalkLeft: Lab in Lacrosse Case Found Many DNA Sources

Updated - yesterday (12/15):

Rusty Jacobs, NC Public Radio:
Duke Lacrosse Case Update (audio report) - Defense attorneys spent most of the day assailing the work done by a private DNA lab hired by Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. A caution to listeners- this story contains some graphic language...

Andrew Yaffe, Duke Chronicle:
Lab Director Withheld DNA Information — The director of a local lab said in court under oath Friday that he violated his company's protocol when he did not disclose all the results in DNA testing related to the Duke lacrosse case....Meehan said he was "just trying to do the right thing" in protecting the privacy of all the players, even though he handed down his report May 12, more than three weeks after Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty had been indicted for rape. He also said the failure to report this favorable defense evidence came from an agreement between himself and Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong...

The Robesonian:
D.A. now on defense — There are many examples of Nifong's misconduct, including...There is always the possibility that Nifong will succumb to mounting pressure and drop the charges, a move that we believe would actually save him the embarrassment of a trial that will end with acquittals. Perhaps a federal investigation will be the trigger to make that happen.

David Zucchino, LA Times:
Lab director says he withheld evidence in Duke case — In the latest setback to the prosecution in the Duke University lacrosse rape case, the director of a private lab hired by the district attorney testified Friday that he withheld exculpatory DNA evidence after conferring with prosecutors...

Reade Seligmann and his mother Kathy Seligmann, enter a Durham County CourthouseABC News:
Alleged Duke Rape Victim Pregnant — (summary of events Friday)...Sally Fogarty, the mother of another Duke lacrosse player, was among a group of students and parents who showed up in court to support the defendants and their families....Fogarty, who is part of the close-knit community of Duke lacrosse families that includes the defendants, said the defense has cost "roughly $80,000 a month per family."
LieStoppers discussion: The Financial Destruction of the Laxers Families, Imagine the legal cost!
Betsy Newmark, Betsy's Page:
Shouldn't this get Mike Nifong disbarred? — First he tells the judge in today's hearing that he didn't know of the exculpatory information in the DNA report from the private lab....Then the head of the lab, Brian Meehan, gets up to testify and admits that he and Nifong had discussed these results....

Richard Baehr, AmericanThinker:
The damage to Duke starts to show — Duke University's handling of the alleged rape attack by three members of its lacrosse team last year, along with the exposure of town-gown antagonisms and other negative publicity seems to have caused measurable damage to the school. The results are just starting to come in, but the school could be in for long term slippage, following its dramatic climb to the upper level of the academic prestige system...

Joe's Dartblog:
At Duke, Professors cum Prosecutors — Nifong, a rabid opportunist who may at last face criminal charges or disbarment, and the Duke professoriate, elements of which are largely responsible for simmering the case to national attention, stoking Nifong, and fomenting wild racial tension on the Duke campus. In the thick of the accusal, I was on the phone almost daily to students at Duke, and it is quite clear that a few activist professors were interested in prejudging the entire lacrosse team, and in—damn the facts—throwing someone in jail. Why? They wanted to sell the notion of "white privilege"...

Comment: Fox News had a pitiful 25 hours from the start of Greta Van Susteren's Thursday 10PM show until the end of Friday's show. Pitiful! It was painful to watch them continuously make mistakes and often act clueless about the facts of the Duke case. But at least they were trying to cover the story, where is the media outrage at this injustice?

Cousin JakkiLieStoppers (12/16): Lunacy — According to Greta Van Sustern, FOX News, and WRAL’s Julia Lewis the birth announcement was "confirmed." On television with Greta, spokes-cousin Clyde Young, aka Cousin Jakki, shed crocodile tears while suggesting that one of the accused could be the father. Commentator Ted Williams made a mockery of himself, again, by quickly jumping on the hoax baby bandwagon. In some mainstream media reports it was noted that no less than five members of the false accuser’s family, including grandmother Gertrude, verified the birth.

Duke New Sense (12/16): Stripper - the family is now absolutely clueless and doesn't even keep in touch with Mangum. I'd like to take the opportunity to point something out. First, the family lied on national television two nights ago when appearing on Greta Van Susteren. They stated that Mangum had already given birth, which she hadn't. Why, then, are national media personalities like Greta still interviewing the family? If they're lying, or if they don't know what's going on, it's time to drop them...

LieStoppers forum: Cousin Jakki has a real name
LieStoppers forum: come on Greta... — Greta has jumped the shark... she got everything wrong...
LieStoppers forum: Fox Did It Again — The 3rd Gaffe in 24 hours
LieStoppers forum: Hannity & Colmes — Yes Tony, they did let Bourlon drone on for far too long...and for WHAT? He's just a Nifong sycophant

Judy, NewsHounds.com:
Fox News Botches Duke Rape Coverage (inane comments) — Fox News continues to botch coverage of the alleged rape by members of the Duke University lacrosse team...

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