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Friday, December 8, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #234

When the Duke Lacrosse thing happened you saw people taking sides. I’m like, well I don’t have an opinion, I don’t know any evidence and now that I’ve seen evidence I don’t believe anything happened. - Charles Barkley
Updated - today's items:

KC Johnson:
Checking in with "Spoiler Steve" - During the campaign, write-in spoiler Steve Monks committed himself to doing all that he could to ensure that the three players targeted by Mike Nifong received due process. It’s been 32 days since the election. The table below charts all of Monks’ public activities in this regard since November 7...

Joan Foster, LieStoppers:
The Big Game — Recently, Duke student Dan Baum submitted the following letter to the Herald Sun...Nifong Enablers continue to back and embolden him. And if Dan Baum and the myriad of Team-Nifong posters we read on line are correct, it is as we feared. Nifong's rhetoric won not only the election, but many minds in the potential jury pool as well.

Ray Gronberg, Herald-Sun:
Baker maps timeline for replacing chief — [City Manager Patrick Baker] didn't allude Thursday to any dissatisfaction on his part with [Police Chief Steve Chalmers] or his department, despite the events of a busy year that on the one hand brought police praise for clearing a number of old homicide cases and on the other brought them criticism of their handling of the Duke lacrosse case.

Chalmers kept a low profile in the spring as the Duke controversy unfolded, and was said to be attending to the needs of a sick relative. In September he fired two officers accused of assaulting a cook outside a Raleigh sports bar. The chief's family has also been in the news on the heels of the arrest of his daughter, Stefanie, on assault charges earlier this year.
related: H-S (12/7): Council doubtful of police plans
Michael Gaynor:
Duke Case: Dismissible on Motion Now Based on Unreliable ID under Circumstances — As the December 15 court conference in the Duke case approaches and the realization that a fair trial in Durham, North Carolina is too much to expect grows, pro-Duke Three attention is focusing on changing the venue of a trial or, better, avoiding a trial by suppressing so much evidence that not even Durham County District Attorney Michael B. Nifong would proceed or winning dismissal. I vote for winning dismissal.

KC Johnson:
The Calame Thesis — This case has dramatically changed how I view the New York Times. A glance through the footnotes of any of my books shows how I have relied on the Times as the paper of (historical) record. But it’s hard to retain that view after witnessing the paper’s performance in this case, when it has accompanied over-the-top columns with biased “articles,” and even refused to print corrections when it misstated facts....

Updated - forum topic(s) of note:

The Point?, Concerns from a newbie — There are probably many things that can be done yet which we have overlooked. I do know in an effort to draw attention, correct inaccurate information put out by others, initiate positive action and help get accurate information out to all we can think of, MANY, MANY of us here have written to pass information to:
1. Talking Heads
2. Group of 88
4. Local, State & Federal Politicians
5. Newspapers
6. Local & State Bar
7. TV News
8. Duke Administration & Trustees

Here you find sources for;
1. Talking Heads & many other media sources
8. Duke Trustees
For number 6, State Bar complaints:
• NC State Bar: FAQ's
• NC State Bar Grievance Complaint Form - Printable (pdf)
Rumor Central-
LieStoppers: Cash 'n Cary
ABC11TV (WTVD): Cash and the Black wall of silence - "In a few says, the Earth will shake..." Better hold on to something! Merry Christmas. Cash Michaels

Yesterday (12/7):

Sir Charles Speaks Out — "That [OJ] and the Duke Lacrosse scandal show you that we have a racial divide in this country, because it’s just really about being right or wrong. I, personally, think OJ’s guilty. When the Duke Lacrosse thing happened you saw people taking sides. I’m like, well I don’t have an opinion, I don’t know any evidence and now that I’ve seen evidence I don’t believe anything happened. To me, OJ Simpson is very simple he has just made a bad situation worse. I feel bad that people judge black people by him cause he’s not like us, we’re good people." - Charles Barkley on HBO's Costas Now
YouTube Video of Barkley interview
The Johnsville News:
Asymmetrical Justice in Durham — The Duke rape hoax has shown that many citizens of Durham do not want justice, they want revenge. Revenge is not justice, it is asymmetrical justice. Three Duke lacrosse players, Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann, have been falsely charged with rape and kidnapping....So when you read or hear the term "Duke three" thrown around, consider for a moment what that symbolically represents. It has become a code word for revenge and the application of asymmetrical justice in Durham.

Ray Gronberg, Herald-Sun:
Gang study raises questions - The early returns of a controversial gang study suggest that Durham's crime problems aren't really any worse than those of other cities in the state and the country, one of the consultants leading the effort said Thursday.....[Deborah Lamm] Weisel said her initial work has convinced her that the Police Department's count of "validated" gang members is more accurate than higher estimates from the Governor's Crime Commission and the Durham County Sheriff's Office. City police -- who've said they think there are somewhere over 700 gang members in Durham -- are using the same criteria law-enforcement agencies in California employ to decide whether a person qualifies for that label, Weisel said. The Crime Commission's two-year-old count of 1,620 was driven by a "data-entry error," and the sheriff's estimate of 3,000 was nothing more than a guess, she said. Gang activity is said to be linked to a large share of the city's homicides, but through last year Durham's violent crime rate was comparable to that of other large cities in the state. Its 2005 assault rate was lower than that reported by Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville or Charlotte.

Weisel said Durham looks bad only in comparison to its primary neighbor in the Triangle, Raleigh. The state capital "is an anomaly," she said. "They have a very, very low crime rate historically."

Comment: Old saying: "A consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is." Is this a case of Durham paying $60,000 for a report that tells them what they wanted to hear? Gang problem? Sorry, there is no big gang problem in Durham. The consultant, Deborah Lamm Weisel, has published a book entitled, "Contemporary Gangs: An Organizational Analysis." However, if her study was primarily based on a survey of high school students it would not fully consider those groups and individuals not in school.
Herald-Sun(12/7): Medical examiner testifies victim was shot five times
LieStoppers discussion: Durham's Gangland
The Johnsville News: Durham's Gangland
The Johnsville News: Durham's Darkside
Michael Gaynor:
Duke case: No evidence, no trial, no change of venue — The Duke case should be dismissed as a matter of law instead of tried (and retried, and retried), because (1) the constitutional rights of the Duke Three were flagrantly violated, (2) the Duke Three were irreparably prejudiced by those violations (since they had not been accused before those flagrant constitutional violations and any in-court identification would be excludable under the "fruit of the poisoned tree" judicial doctrine)...

KC Johnson:
The Baum Letter and a Durham Trial (see comments) — The Herald-Sun recently published a revealing letter from Duke student Dan Baum that powerfully explains the need for a change in venue....It is undeniably true that much damaging information has come out about the accuser. But the vast majority of this information came from the media, not the defense...The conclusions of the Baum letter illuminate why one consequence of those statements should be a change of venue.

LieStoppers discussion - Why a Change of Venue is Needed, KC Johnson's views

John in Carolina:
Marlette and Anderson letters — Two outstanding letters appear in the Dec. 7 Durham Herald Sun. One is by Professor William Anderson whose writings on the Duke Hoax injustices many of you have read. The other is by someone I don't know, Graham Hayes Marlette....

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