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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #222

The Duke rape hoax is just that, a hoax. I am a rape survivor and I can tell you that a true victim will never change her story that many times. No DNA, accuser files false charges in the past, she goes back to pole dancing within days of this so-called rape and she is a drug seeker. - Kerri Paradise
Updated - today's items:

Cash Michaels / Wilmington Journal:
DUKE PREZ SAYS RAPE CASE IS TESTING DURHAM — Brodhead warns of division - Calling it “an event of some fame…that’s been a burden to us all,” the embattled president of Duke University told the Durham NAACP Saturday that the continuing saga of the Duke lacrosse alleged rape case presents a unique challenge for people on all sides of the racial controversy to “stand together” for the truth, and "…protect ourselves and each other’s humanity."
discussion: LieStoppers, TalkLeft

KC Johnson:
Sunday Review — Defenders of the academic status quo often dismiss those who criticize higher education’s lack of intellectual diversity by contending that even if humanities and social sciences professors are overwhelmingly one-sided, students are discerning enough to detect their bias and not be indoctrinated. The case of Shadee Malaklou, however, would seem like Exhibit A for the critics’ case....

Updated- yesterday (11/25):

Kathleen Eckelt RN / FNE, Forensic Talk:
Duke Lacrosse Case and Behavioral Analysis I — I tend to focus on little details first and it was some of those details, right from the start of this case, that I felt either just didn't add up or else just didn't have the ring of truth about them. The statement, "Sweetheart, you can't leave," said at the time it was supposedly said, in the context in which it was supposedly said, did not ring true to me. In fact, when I first read it, it was like that "nails on a blackboard" feeling to me. It sounded very false...
TalkLeft — The AV's story so far (part 2)
— Four perpetrators (Adam, Matt, Brett, and Dan) identified by the alleged victim
TalkLeft — Duke Case: Statement Analysis
TJN — Duke Case: Statement Analysis
TalkLeft — A Makeup Bag, a Cell Phone and Some Fingernails — Most significantly, these evil geniuses supposedly remembered everything except to silence the alleged victim. I have not seen a statement yet in which Precious claims that she was threatened not to tell anyone about the rape. Where was the, “If you tell the police or anyone, we will f#$@ing kill you!“ In every rape that I have ever heard about, whether on television, in newspapers, or in court, the rapist or rapists did one of the following things: (1) Killed the victim; (2) Left the victim for dead; or (3) Threatened to kill the victim if she told the police (usually with a weapon at the head or throat of the victim).
William L. Anderson / LewRockwell.com:
Post-Modern Prosecutions — What happens when prosecutors are permitted to introduce wild conspiracy theories? We see post-modern law in action...As the Duke Non-Rape case blunders toward an unjustified trial, we must understand that we are now looking at a full-blown application of post-modernism in the legal arena. First, we see many of the Duke University faculty members writing in various venues that while they seriously doubt that the rape, sodomy, and kidnapping charges against David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann are true, nonetheless the young men should be put on trial because of their race, sex, and class.
TalkLeft discussion - Article: The Duke Non-Rape Case

Stuart Rojstaczer / retired Duke professor / Forty Questions blog:
Hot Air Versus Hot Air — Lately, I’ve read blogs about the Duke lacrosse scandal that have a severe right-wing slant. They tend to focus on a few points. First, they state outright that the charges against the lacrosse players are bogus. If this were their only issue, I’d have no problem. But it doesn’t just stop there. They tend to go on and on. The lacrosse players are great kids and boys will be boys. Those that criticize scholarship athletics are just jealous and envious of those kids. And then there is a need to demonize the "Group of 88," the 88 faculty members that signed an advertisement in the Duke student newspaper decrying the state of race relations at Duke....there is no substance to the right wing blogs attack on the 88 faculty members

Stuart Rojstaczer - vague and clueless pretend punditcomment: Stuart Rojstaczer, until July 2005, was a Professor of Geology/Earth & Ocean Sciences at Duke University. He was a colleague of the recently infamous Thomas J. Crowley (Professor of Earth Systems Science). Rojstaczer, of course, pretends to know nothing about Crowley's recent foot-in-mouth column published by the Herald-Sun. That would be something that should deserve just a small mention given that Rojstaczer knew Crowley. But no, Mr. Rojstaczer ignores Crowley's extreme hypocrisy and instead goes to work as an apologist for the "Group of 88." Again, past actions justified their response even though their listening statement "ad is loopy." As for his reading blogs about the Duke lacrosse scandal that "have a severe right-wing slant," who is he talking about? Add vague and clueless pretend pundit to Rojstaczer's illustrious curriculum vitae.
LieStoppers - Speaking of Hot Air...
LieStoppers discussion - Oh, Boy - retired Duke Prof
KC Johnson:
Highlighting Comments — The prejudice is assuming that people who are upset and outraged by Nifong’s treatment never cared about these issues before, never thought about these issues before, and only care because they are lacrosse players is a window into their own limited mind.

KC Johnson:
Best of the Case, IV — articles, blogs...

A Strippers Confession:
A stripper's confession — Using victimhood as a weapon and tool for personal gains will get us rich! I kinda feel sorry for those boys though, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Updated - forum topics of note:

The Accuser's Story and the Lineup Do Not Match... — According to this particular story, several lacrosse players play prominent roles, although not indicted for the alleged rape. The first men mentioned are the "two players who followed them to the car and apologized." Note, that in the lineup, which was held a mere two days before this statement was taken, the accuser purported to recognize many players from the party, but never mentions the two men at the car. How could this be?....

Cash stoops Low, How low can you go? — Cash can come out and be a part of the Legacy of Bradley (get on the right side of the issue) - and make claims that he knows a dead man cannot refute...

non testimonial id tidbit... - In front of a real judge this little tidbit would destroy any Nifong/DPD fantasy that the lineup was not really a lineup but just an effort to see who was at the party....

TALKLEFT Reorganization — Many active users of TalkLeft forum have moved to LieStoppers forum...

You may have missed this! — From CBS 48 hours segment known for the interview with the AV's Parents...

Nifong vs McCarthy —I would like to see this case end for Nifong in a moment like when the army's attorney general Joseph Welch asked McCarthy "have you no sense of decency?". There are a lot of parallels....

Split Verdict Possible? — Could Nifong drop the rape and sexual offense charges and continue with the kidnapping charge?

Updated - older items:

Kerri Paradise letter to Herald-Sun (11/24):
Laughing at Durham
Durham is the laughing stock of the country, you have an extremely, dishonest district attorney in Mike Nifong, a police force out of control, and an attorney general who doesn't care about justice.

The Duke rape hoax is just that, a hoax. I am a rape survivor and I can tell you that a true victim will never change her story that many times. No DNA, accuser files false charges in the past, she goes back to pole dancing within days of this so-called rape and she is a drug seeker.

I have been saying this from day one: the NAACP and the ACLU are killing race relations in this country. Durham wake up. These young men did nothing to this girl. It takes a real victim to know a victim, and she is not a victim.

Springfield, Mass.
November 24, 2006

KC Johnson (11/24):
Michael Gustafson Speaks Out — Engineering professor Michael Gustafson, who has offered a comprehensive critique both of his fellow faculty members and of the media/legal climate currently prevailing in the Triangle.

Dr. Michael Gustafson comments and letters about the hoax-
Ugh., Nov. 19, 2006
Dear Mr. Saunders, Nov. 12, 2006
Outrageous, Nov. 7, 2006
On Midterm Elections, Nov. 4, 2006
Another Kind of Silence, Oct. 29, 2006
Will The Gates Open Wide
, Oct. 24, 2006
On Voting, Oct. 22, 2006
Letter to the Editor (N&O), Oct. 16, 2006

James C. Armstrong / Duke Basketball Report (11/23):
James on Polarization — I am most concerned about the polarizing effects of people's responses to the lacrosse incident. Personally, I think, based on what I have seen and read in the media, that the three players are not guilty of the charges they are facing. On the other hand, they are not angels and certainly acted in an extremely irresponsible manner. I think many of us reading this will agree with that.

Comment: How can Mr. Armstrong possibly say that Reade Seligmann, for example, acted in an extremely irresponsible manner? Mr. Seligmann as a Duke underclassman dutifully shows up at a team party and leaves almost as soon as he is able to. He is then, by totally random circumstances, wrongfully charged with committing a violent rape and kidnapping. Mr. Seligmann symbolically could be any man. He is a real victim of this hoax, and what evidence did Mr. Armstrong invent in order to claim that Reade Seligmann acted in an "extremely irresponsible manner?" Or is Armstrong simply labeling the entire lacrosse team, without regard for individual actions? This sounds like quilt by association and it is part and parcel of McCarthyism. Does Mr. Armstrong read and understand what his own website has saying about this hoax?

related - Duke Basketball Report:
McCarthyism RevisitedJames Armstrong does not feel it is appropriate to criticize Duke faculty under any circumstances and does not endorse this position.
Messages in Our Call: McCarthyism
Brodhead & "Friends"
LieStoppers: I don't have any Respect for these people!, dishonest argument

KC Johnson:
More Malaklou — Duke Basketball Report has a must-read column appropriately comparing Shadee Malaklou's recent Herald-Sun op-ed to McCarthyism...

A Gift From The Blogs (cartoon)
Thanksgiving Turkeys (cartoon)

KC Johnson (11/23):
Questions and Answers, III — It’s been more than three weeks since the last Q+A post, and it seemed an appropriate time for another...

Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE, Forensic Talk (11/22):
Happy Thanksgiving! — Typically, with an unplanned, frenzied, disorganized attack, like this was supposed to have been, a great deal of transfer evidence is left behind....There are so many other things, like the accuser's words. They were like nails on a blackboard - so out of place. "Sweetheart, You can't leave." Sorry, but I've never had any patient tell me anything even close to that. The majority say, "Shut up and you won't get hurt," or something along those lines...

John in Carolina (11/22):
Good signs from NAACP's McSurely — In light of all the public had learned by late May about DA Mike Nifong’s “case,” Brooks said “simple decency” required that he and millions of others “correct the slurs” they’d uttered in March and April against the Duke Men’s lacrosse team. McSurely didn't like that one bit....

straighdope.com (11/21):
Where do police get the people for lineups? — Sometimes law enforcement officials ignore sound advice, to say nothing of common sense, when putting together a lineup. Perhaps Mike Nifong, district attorney for Durham county, North Carolina, and Durham police sergeant Mark Gottlieb were watching The Usual Suspects instead of reading the DOJ guidelines. Defense attorneys allege that a woman accusing members of the Duke University lacrosse team of sexually assaulting her was shown photos of … the Duke University lacrosse team. There were, in other words, no “fillers” at all – every picture she was shown, according to the defense lawyer, portrayed a team member. Not surprisingly, the woman picked three members of the team as her attackers.

'Scarborough Country' for March 30, MSNBC:
Via FreeRepublic.com — The Durham hoax, fraud, extortion scam was nailed by these folks within 7 days.
JOHN PATRICK DOLAN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: It could have been a hoax. It could have been an ill-conceived hoax...

SCARBOROUGH: John, the D.A. screwed up. He‘s already overpromised, hasn‘t he?

DOLAN: Oh, yes. They‘re way out in front of this case too soon. This is what happens again and again in state prosecutions. They arrest people or they accuse people first and worry about evidence later...

SCARBOROUGH: ... It‘s going to blow up in their face.

DOLAN: It is.

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