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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #218

Updated - Today's items:

Mike Nifong's new license plate:

Mike Nifong's new license plate

Michael Gaynor:
Sowell, Yes; NC NAACP, No — what needs to be thoroughly and promptly investigated are the ways that the Durham Police Department, the Durham County District Attorney's Office and Duke University responded to Ms. Mangum's bogus gang rape claim. Rush to judgment is what the NC NAACP did in declaring Ms. Mangum a victim....Out of tragedy CAN come triumph. But the truth must prevail and the NC NAACP must accept it... But it [NAACP] must walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Bogus cases should be dismissed, not tried.

Joan Foster, LieStoppers:
Home For Thanksgiving — Let's demand focus and civility. To all of you, friend and "foe." I wish a blessed Thanksgiving… one that will supplant old hurts and sustain new faith that understanding each other is still possible... and justice still unites us, and deception cannot divide us for long.

Duke Basketball Report:
McCarthyism Revisited — So there are three basic points here to consider:
  1. Malaklou admits Nifong is abusing the system
  2. Malaklou doesn’t care that he is abusing the system because the lacrosse players need to be punished regardless of guilt in this particular case.
  3. Malaklou infers that the alleged rape is not the first rape by a lacrosse player.
  4. Malaklou also maintains that one of the strippers is not willing to put up with their allegedly criminal behavior.
. . . regardless of whether or not they have committed the crimes for which they are charged, [Shadee] Malaklou thinks this is perfectly acceptable behavior by a prosecutor. This is madness. Once we abandon the rule of law, the mob is never far away...
Abby Wisse Schachter, NY Post:
ACADEMIA'S PLAGUE OF LAME 'LEADERS' — Duke President Richard Brodhead didn't have the guts to demand some proof - or even to wait for charges to be filed: Faced with an outside community that was rushing to judgment, he canceled the entire lacrosse season and demanded the coach's resignation. Months later, it's now obvious that the rape/assault never happened....

Rocco Paul Valluzzo, Weston [CT] Forum:
Montelli will play lacrosse at Duke — Deciding where he would play collegiate lacrosse was not difficult for Tom Montelli. Several colleges and universities had expressed interest in the Weston High junior. Yet one in particular made him an offer he decided was too good to pass up. Come next fall, Montelli will take his talents to a higher level when he attends Duke University in Durham, N.C. Two weeks ago he signed a letter of intent to play for the Division I program and receive a scholarship.

KC Johnson:
Women's Studies Does Lacrosse (see comments) — The Duke women’s studies program includes 18 faculty members—of whom 13, or 72.2 percent, signed the Group of 88’s statement. The only academic work listed on the program’s webpage is Holloway’s article...Civil liberties, it would seem, are not a central concern—either academic or personal—to Duke’s ethnic and women’s studies faculty.

Hot Forum Topics:

Nifong's Case — Under the doctrine of "Know thine enemy as you know thyself" I have wondered how Nifong is going to present his case and what could he do to get around some of the obvious problems and how he is going to prepare his witness....

December 15 — is Judge Smith's defining day. Whatever he does that day will reveal the character of the man. Whatever he does then will be the main item in his obituary. Will he be remembered as another Judge Horton, or as merely another Durham-style judge in the mold of Stephens? By then he will have sat on this case for four months--was this case made special only in order to make it go slower? He should follow the law and quash the warrants, quash the IDs, and dismiss the case (as Gaynor pointed out). Anything else is merely toying with the public, and setting a terrible precedent for future N. Carolina cases.

Reasons for Change of Venue — There are many reasons for a motion for change of venue, For starters....A change of venue motion requires that a defendant show that so great a prejudice exists against the defendant in the county in which the prosecution is pending that he/she cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial. N.C.G.S. sec. 15a-957.

Yesterday (11/21):

Mike McCusker, Crystal Mess:
Give Thanks — In a testy exchange during cross examination by D.A. Mike Nifong yesterday, the defendant repeatedly answered, "Gobble, gobble." Some media outlets, the ASPCA, and increasingly venomous internet "bloggers" have questioned Nifong's decision to proceed with the case in face of scientific proof that a turkey is anatomically incapable of wielding an axe....

NC House Committee Looks At Prosecutor Error In Capital Cases — A seasoned prosecutor and a well-known defense lawyer [Joseph Cheshire] disagreed Tuesday about the extent of prosecutorial misconduct in the state's death penalty cases and what lawmakers should do about wayward district attorneys who withhold evidence...

Michael Gaynor:
"Kramer" meltdown moves Cash Michaels — Mr. Michaels is not only well known in Durham County, North Carolina, but the person covering the Duke case. As such, much is expected of him. Provoking racists, white or black, is something he should be far above....Ironically, Mr. Richards' racist rant prompted Mr. Michaels to publicly post his opinion on the merits of the Duke case. Mr. Michaels referred to the members of the 2006 Duke Men's Lacrosse Team as "a bunch of drunken, perverted, dishonest athletes who went behind their coaches back to commit a minor crime, only to be accused of a major crime, just because they thought they were men enough to hire lost women to debase themselves for their pleasure." Thank you, Mr. Michaels.

John in Carolina:
Chronicle: Letter — I asked H-S Editor Bob Ashley for an explanation of what appeared to be a "fake" story. Ashley said he wasn’t interested in a "debate."...for seven months the N&O mislead the public and denied it had done anything wrong in its use of "victim"...

La Shawn Barber, La Shawn Barber's Corner:
Duke Rape Case: Bloggers Black and White — Like it or not, race is a factor in the case. I believe it influenced Durham County district attorney Mike Nifong to pursue it in the first place (black vote, and all that), and now that he’s come this far, race and a hefty dose of class envy continues to motivate a man strangely indifferent to actual justice....the stripper-accuser’s actions have not been those of a victim of rape. She is motivated by money and attention and gang-rape fantasies, and an honest district attorney with integrity would have seen right through her dumb-as-a-box-of-hammers story.

Kathleen Eckelt RN, FNE, Forensic Talk:
Duke Lacrosse Choke Hold Revisited — There are several reasons why I seriously questioned that this choking occurred. The first, as I've stated, is the fact that she, admittedly, was impaired by the combination of the alcohol and Flexeril...It defies logic to think that in this type of frenzied, horrific scenario, with four over-sized adults crammed into a tiny bathroom, that the untrained person - whoever applied the choke hold - would have done so correctly, or carefully, so as to ensure that the accuser would not suffer fatal injuries.

The Johnsville News:
The Durham Strangler, II — Kathleen Eckelt: There are several reasons why I seriously questioned that this choking occurred...the accuser, Ms. Mangum, forgot to mention her strangulation for two days...the strangling allegation made by Ms. Mangum is just another in a long list of poorly constructed lies about a gang rape. It is a lie that Mike Nifong inflated and used for dramatic effect when he was interviewed by Dan Abrams of MSNBC. It is a lie that will follow Mike Nifong to his grave...
TalkLeft discussion - More SANE analysis of this INSANE case

A Curiously Mixed Message — On April 4, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of the North Carolina NAACP State Conference, issued a statement outlining the organization’s recommendations for addressing the rape allegations by the community. This statement and the accompanying ten point plan...certain members of the local NAACP did stray from Rev. Barber’s mandate by joining the stampede to convict, rather than working to insure that there was no rush to judgment while fairness and a true determination of the facts was sought...

Cheshire's New Best Friend — Over the past several months we , and several others, have questioned the transparent motives of the Herald Sun’s slanted coverage of the Hoax. It appears that additional confirmation of the concerted propaganda campaign has come in the form of comments made by editorial page editor, Greg Childress...

Preeti, Preeti on the Web:
More on Duke's Culture of CrassnessLast April, in the midst of Duke University's lacrosse rape scandal, I coined a term to describe campus culture at my alma mater: culture of crassness. The phrase debuted in my April 19 column and since then culture of crassness has become a debated concept. Most recently, Chronicle columnist Jane Chong discussed it in her Oct. 25 column...

Adam Bonneau, Duke Basketball Report:
About Lacrosse & Issues Thereof — In the months since the night in question more evidence has, in fact, come to light, and virtually all of that evidence suggests that no rape occurred and that the players are innocent. Almost everyone – including most of those who initially assumed otherwise – agrees that the case is without merit, and the only holdouts are those who probably will not change their position unless the accuser fully recants her story...The truth is that most – perhaps all – of the people who jump to conclusions about rape accusations do it for reasons that have little or nothing to do with the specific incident in question...

KC Johnson:
Just One Case? (see comments) — “just one case” has, of late, emerged as the last refuge for Nifong enablers...The origins of the “just-one-case” mantra appear to lie with the “minister of justice” himself, who presented it when he unveiled the "New Nifong" at a July 28 press conference...The “just-one-case” argument is so absurd as almost to require no rebuttal...Nifong enablers, it seems, are determined not to hold the “minister of justice” to the ethical standards of either the state bar or traditional politicians...
TalkLeft discussion - Just ONE case?

admin note: days are counted from when Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were charged with rape and kidnapping on April 18, 2006.

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