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Monday, November 20, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #216

"I’m unaware of any newspaper that has a policy of printing factually inaccurate letters. Any newspaper, that is, except for the Herald-Sun" - KC Johnson
Updated - Today's Items:

Michael Gaynor:
Jury nullification nonsense — Ms. Malaklou's "thinking" demonstrates the danger that jury nullification will hang the Duke case if it is tried instead of dismissed. Ms. Malaklou, now of the Wonderland that is Durham, North Carolina, is like Humpty Dumpty in Alice's Wonderland: she blithely misuses words like angry, innocent and inaccuracy to promote her warped view...

John in Carolina:
A Duke student misses — [Shadee] Malaklou’s sexism, major factual error, smugness and her willingness to embrace a DA who will ignore innocence and act instead to satisfy her prejudices? It's sad to think Malaklou is no doubt sincere and unaware of her actual thought processes and values....

Like Teacher, Like Student: Duke Student. Shadee Malaklou Offers Her View. — Apparently emboldened by the precedent that one needs neither to follow the news closely, nor have a basic understanding of the facts, Duke Senior Shadee Malaklou drafted her own full-length guest column for the Herald Sun, which Snooze Room editor Bob Ashley happily printed on Sunday under the headline "Lacrosse Players Far From Innocent."

Shadee MalaklouShadee Malaklou: I am proud to admit that I am both a feminist and a radical, that I don't neccessarily believe in working within the system to change things, and that I often stick out on campus more than I want to...My pride-and-joy program last year was the Vagina Workshop (that's right: VAGINA). I encourage you to look forward to similar programs this year by either myself or the other fabulous members of the Women's Center staff. And remember: the Women's Center gets paid to offer programs that interest the gender-conscious Duke student body, so do yourself a favor and come in with program suggestions. Women's Center

Shadee Malaklou guest column for Herald-Sun:
Lacross Players Far From Innocent - Very rarely are the Duke lacrosse players not drinking or partying....Unfortunately, in spite of all our education and opportunities, Duke women are not so strong...or smart. We'll giggle it off, and sometimes even find a man more endearing for his drunken slip-ups. Even if one of those slip-ups rapes us.
David Highlands, letter to Herald-Sun:
Two reasons why Nifong should drop rape case — Two reasons why District Attorney Mike Nifong should drop the case against the Duke lacrosse players: 1) They may be libertines and stupid for putting themselves in such a compromising position, but they are clearly not guilty of rape and/or assault; and 2) The heavy criticism he continues to receive over his intransigence will give other DAs pause when actual victims make similar accusations....

Beth Brewer, letter to Herald-Sun:
Read the record - Perhaps [Laura] Blasberg should read all of MSM's (mainstream media's) coverage on the Duke lacrosse case....One of the many ironies in this case is that the prosecution, not the defense, seems to be resorting to smoke and mirrors since evidence hoped for didn't materialize.

KC Johnson:
The Herald-Sun's Peculiar Letters Policy — From time to time, I’ve published letters to the editor, in various newspapers. The normal practice, upon the letter’s acceptance, is for the paper to check any factual assertions contained in the letter. If the paper can’t verify the facts, the letters editor asks the writer to do so; if the writer, in turn, can’t verify the facts, the letter must be modified. I’m unaware of any newspaper that has a policy of printing factually inaccurate letters. Any newspaper, that is, except for the Herald-Sun, at least if those letters reflect Editor Bob Ashley’s party line...
TalkLeft discussion - A Chan Hall at the Herald-Sun

Updated - Hot forum topics:

Cash Michaels (defrocked movie critic) trolls for trouble
"Kramer," the Patron Saint of Duke Three Supporters — Pathetic, as in all of you. The case is going forward. Unless GOD or Judge Smith says otherwise, there will be a trial, and a fair jury will be impaneled to hear it. And the best part about this is,, there is absolutely nothing any of you can do about it except sit there at your second-hand keyboards and sulk about DNA, gravel and poledancing. Like I said, "Kramer" speaks for all of you who have racially castigated Durham. He speaks for you, indeed!
related - TMZ.com — "Kramer's" [Michael Richards] Racist Tirade -- Caught on Tape

Cash Michaels 11/19 More "balanced reporting" — Mr. Michaels comments and does more trolling — "it would not be smart to inflame the potential jury pool if the case goes to trial. Put me down all you want, but disrespecting Durham is counterproductive to the point of lunacy. Go ahead, continue to display just how intelligent you really are by cutting the throat of your own cause."

Jury Duty — The voir dire for this trial should be mighty interesting, with lots of questions like these. I think Duke professors would be excluded by the judge. Thank goodness.

A great precedent set here — ...So when a mentally challenged rural goober accuses Ted Koppel of sodomizing him with the help of small green men that emerged from a spacecraft, Mr. Koppel must post bond, hire a lawyer and wait patiently for a trial from the town of said goober. It matters not that Mr. Koppel was in Iran the time of the attack. Since we werent in the cornfield at the time, we dont really know what happened. A jury must decide. The DA (who is a rabid Star Trek fan) believes the goober...

Yesterday (11/19):

Michael Gustafson (Duke Professor), DukeEgr93 blog:
Ugh. — some things are still very disturbing about the way the administration has proceeded...This one is from President Brodhead from the Durham Chamber of Commerce (from WRAL):

"If our students did what is alleged, it is appalling to the worst degree. If they didn't do it, whatever they did is bad enough," he said. "Of the things that have pained me about this episode, one of the greatest ones is all the publicity that this has brought, unwished to Duke University and, indeed, Durham."

This quote is from April 20th. The "whatever they did is bad enough" part is just criminally negligent - by April 20th, nothing was really known...

Jason Trumpbour, Friends of Duke Univ. (FODU):
The Herald-Sun's Distorted Worldview — On Friday, we received a message from Debrah Correll, a Chapel Hill resident who has a long history of writing op-ed pieces for the Herald-Sun. Her exchange with an editor at the Herald-Sun provides some insight into the true motives of the Herald-Sun in taking the position that it has. She has graciously allowed us to reproduce her message...

John in Carolina:
"Duke faculty duties" — I appreciate reader comments regarding my “Duke faculty duties” letter to Professor Karla Holloway, a signatory of the Duke faculty “Group of 88’s” “listening” statement advertisement and a member of the Campus Cultural Initiative committee....

John in Carolina:
Sowell: Right early and now — One of my favorite pundits is syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell. He almost always "gets it right;" usually before most others. He’s been that way with the Duke lacrosse case. Back in April “righteous townies” were banging pots, Duke faculty were demanding to know “why they haven’t been expelled?’, and the Raleigh News & Observer was running the “Swagger” story and publishing the "vigilante" poster....

Cash Michaels, Wilmington Journal:
'DUKE THREE' SUPPORTERS BELIEVE BLACKS ARE "WHITE-HATING RACISTS" — Failing to oust the prosecutor, Duke Three supporters are now focused on derailing Nifong's prosecution...Gaynor charges that Blacks in Durham want legal payback...Gaynor alleged in a published op-ed that Joyner "seems to believe that a Durham jury may convict when jurors elsewhere would not." ...Whether these young men are guilty or not is a decision that a jury will make. I'm not venturing out to try to take on the role of juror. That is something that I have avoided, and will continue to.

TalkLeft (hot topic) discussion - Cash Michaels 11/19 More "balanced reporting"
Marie: I'm not sure there is much that is honest about you [Cash Michaels] either. I, for one, believe that you know that no rape took place that night. I think you know the players are innocent. At the very least you strongly suspect it. But you're hiding. You are hiding behind politics. And that's not honest.
The Johnsville News:
Bob Ashley - Rotten Journalist, Rotten Businessman — Bob Ashley will not just be remembered as a clueless propagandist and hoax enabler for Mike Nifong, but also as a clueless businessman who drove the Herald-Sun to ruin. It won't be too long before they start handing out the free Herald-Sun advertising pamphlet on Durham street corners.

KC Johnson:
Sunday Items — Ashley has, at last, revealed his basic agenda: the purpose of a trial is not to satisfy justice; or to try only those for whom probable cause is established; or even to uphold standards of legal ethics. The purpose of a trial is, instead to "reassure" an unspecified segment of the minority of Durham County residents who cast ballots for Nifong....
Duke Basketball Report - H-S Takes a Hit

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