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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Duke Hoax: Day #205

"This isn't about Duke," Mike Nifong said. "This isn't about Duke at all."

"No," Bob Harris said. "It's about honesty. You're not honest."
Updated - Today's items:

60 Minutes' Ed Bradley Dead At 65 — Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan of complications from leukemia.
Ed Bradley Dies, discussion - TalkLeft, FreeRepublic, LieStoppers

John in Carolina:
To The Chronicle: Letter 3 — We’ve since learned more about the fraudulent ID procedures that led Coleman to say, "Any three students would do; there could be no wrong choice." We’ve also heard Nifong recently say in court that he’s never discussed the case with the accuser.

abc11tv.com forum:
I have to stay in DurhamPLEASE help me! My name is Rhonda, and my brother was found executed in Durham NC, on May 05, 2005. His name is Allen Jackson Croft Jr. The sheriff there refuses to send us the reports, tests, and information we requested via the FOIA. This is the same department that handled the Duke rape, and the most recent fiasco of being caught on tape, plotting murder for hire, trafficking in drugs, and women for forced slavery as prostitutes, and counterfeiting. I have been threatened to be charged if I did not stop calling them to ask about the GSR results, and what they was doing about his case...
related: Websleuths - In The Name Of My Brother

KC Johnson:
Nifong and the Party-Line Vote — perhaps the straight-line ticket option explains the stunning correlation between the Nifong vote and the black vote...but the basic conclusion: the percentage of Nifong voters who cast straight-party ballots was actually higher in the most anti-Nifong, predominantly white, precincts than in the most pro-Nifong, predominantly African-American, precincts.

John Stephenson, Herald-Sun:
Lawyers: Nifong right pick for DA — Several lawyers linked to the Duke lacrosse rape case -- ground zero in the bitterly contested Durham County district attorney election -- offered conciliatory remarks about Mike Nifong the day after he bested two challengers. And a UNC expert in political behavior said Nifong didn't create racial tensions with his handling of a case that involved gang rape accusations by a black N.C. Central University woman against three white lacrosse players from Duke.
TalkLeft discussion — Stevenson / Herald Sun carry Nifong's water AGAIN

Kelly Hinchcliffe, Herald-Sun:
The ballots are in -- students pick Nifong, Price More than 2,600 Durham students voted Tuesday for their favorite candidates as part of "Kids Voting," a national, non-partisan program that educates students about democracy. Nearly 56 percent of students who participated voted for Nifong, while only 49 percent of adults voted for him for real.

Howell chooses Duke lacrosse — Zach Howell signed his letter of intent to play major Division I lacrosse to kick off the week-long early signing period Long Island style. As the rest of the nation focuses on top basketball recruits, Long Island celebrated its status as a hotbed for lacrosse with dozens of locals committing to big-time schools. No place represented the day better than Huntington.

LI dad disappointed at Duke DA's re-election — The father of a Duke University lacrosse player from Garden City yesterday expressed disappointment at Durham County, N.C., prosecutor Mike Nifong's election victory. But Kevin Finnerty, whose son Collin was indicted in the alleged rape of an exotic dancer at a team party, said Nifong's failure to win a majority against weak opposition was a sign of discontent with his handling of the case....

Nifong Loses Referendum, Retains Office — With an assist from “running mate” Steve Monk’s last minute media campaign, which brought his support up from the 2% shown in the News & Observer poll to meet Charlotte Woods’ August prediction of 6,000 votes, DA Nifong may have kept his job, but he has certainly lost the referendums on his character and his Hoax.

KC Johnson:
Nifong and the Black Vote — the figures above suggest that the “minister of justice” prevailed with around 95 percent of the African-American vote and between 20 and 25 percent of the white vote....Nifong has repeatedly claimed that he is a "prosecutor," not a "politician." The reverse is closer to the truth: in the campaign he abandoned any pretense of serving as a “prosecutor,” and instead revealed himself a "politician" whose willingness to engage in race- and class-baiting demagoguery rivals anyone I’ve seen in contemporary American politics.
TalkLeft Discussion - Nifong swept the Black vote

Ruth Sheehan, News & Observer:
Monks spoiled election — despite the acrimony aimed his way, Monks said he thinks he was not, indeed, the spoiler. He is convinced his votes would not have gone in a block to Cheek....Write-in candidates may historically have a snowball's chance in Hades of winning, but Cheek is the one who should have stepped down, Monks said.

John M. Mercer
"My view was that I would vote for any Democrat, and that's what I did." - John Mercer, a Duke biology professor

Niolet & Blythe, News & Observer:
Nifong benefited from a split — Mike Nifong won the election for district attorney Tuesday even though more people voted against the incumbent prosecutor than voted for him...."My view was that I would vote for any Democrat, and that's what I did," said John Mercer, a Duke biology professor registered to vote at Lakewood Elementary School near Duke's West Campus.

Hot Forum Topic:
Would Nifong have survived a probable cause hearing if he'd done one? Could Nifong, in a contested hearing, have established probable cause both that a crime had been committed and that these guys are the guys who committed it.

Yesterday (11/8):

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News (via TalkLeft):
Greta on Fox said last night, What could those people be thinking (that voted for Nifong). Then she said of Nifong: If he's doing it in this case, he's doing it in the next case, he's done it in the past.

Aaron Beard, AP:
Nifong beats 2 challengers to remain Durham D.A. — "I'm just glad to be able to get this over with because like I said it's been hard on my wife, it's been hard on my staff," Nifong said. "I think it's been hard on Durham. Now it's over. It's done with, like it or not. We've all got to live with. We've all got to move forward."

Michael J. Gaynor:
The Price Of D. A. Nifong's Victory Will Be Paid — If all those anti-Nifong vote had been united instead of divided, Mr. Nifong definitely would have lost....Mr. Monks made himself part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Rachel Rodriguez:
Election Excitement — Sorry, [Harris] Johnson, but you're making yourself (and your party, which, as a Democrat, I resent) sound uneducated and bigoted. Justice can't be bought? I'd review the facts of the lacrosse case before making a statement like that if I were you, because there is so little evidence that the case is likely to be dropped. And "Duke" has a habit of sweeping things under the carpet? Oh really? Since when it is okay to assume that three members of the lacrosse team - who haven't been convicted yet - represent the entire university?

Nifong emerges as non-majority victor - Abel Pharmboy
Facing the reality of Nifong - editorial, Duke Chronicle
Nifong Holds Off Cheek - Rob Copeland, Duke Chronicle
Something to Be Proud Of - JinC
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Durham County: Election Results - Durham County, NC
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Harris To Nifong: "Kiss My BOTTOMS!"
- 850thebuzz
'Group of 88' faculty hears criticism in wake of lax scandal - comments, Duke Chronicle
Discussion of Rob Copeland article (11/7)
Dream Team - LieStoppers
Something to Be Proud Of - LieStoppers
Nifong wins re-election - John Stevenson, Herald-Sun
Win doesn't reflect doubts of many voters - Ray Gronberg, Herald-Sun
Interpreting the Results
- KC Johnson
Nifong fends off two challengers - News & Observer

Election Day Images:

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, right, tries to approach Bob Harris, left, play-by-play announcer for the Duke Blue Devils, while visiting a polling location at Temple Baptist Church in Durham, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006. Harris refused to shake Nifong's hand. Nifong has lead the investigation into allegations that three Duke University lacrosse players raped a stripper at a team party. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, center, speaks with Judge David LaBarre, left, while visiting the Temple Baptist Church polling location in Durham, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006. Nifong has lead the investigation into allegations that three Duke University lacrosse players raped a stripper at a team party. In the background is Bob Harris, play-by-play announcer for the Duke Blue Devils, who refused to shake Nifong's hand earlier. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, right, speaks with Rosa S. Anderson while visiting a polling location at Temple Baptist Church in Durham, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006. Nifong has lead the investigation into allegations that three Duke University lacrosse players raped a stripper at a team party. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong waves while visiting a polling location at Temple Baptist Church in Durham, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006. A sheriff arrives at right after a call by Bob Harris, center, play-by-play announcer for the Duke Blue Devils, who was upset at being videotaped as Nifong tried to shake his hand. Nifong has led the investigation into allegations that three Duke University lacrosse players raped a stripper at a team party. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

via FreeRepublic:
Tension Between Nifong, Duke Sports Voice - abc11TV.com

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