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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Duke Hoax FAQ - Part 1

Updated: Oct. 19, 2006

Mike Nifong - prosecutor of the hoax

Frequently Asked Questions about the Duke lacrosse rape hoax:

  1. Why do many bloggers and Internet forum watchers of the Duke case call it a hoax?

  2. If you start reading about this case in depth you quickly become overwhelmed by the deception, misconduct, and many lies that Mike Nifong and the Durham PD have perpetrated in wrongly prosecuting three Duke lacrosse players for an alleged gang rape. The three men were presumed guilty from the very beginning and were never given a chance to demonstrate their innocence to the authorities. The evidence proving the innocence of David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann is massive, consistent, and beyond any reasonable doubt.

  3. Who is the alleged victim of the Duke lacrosse gang rape?

  4. The alleged victim (AV) is a 28-year-old African-American sex worker and student named Crystal Gail Mangum. She is a single mother of two. She attends nearby North Carolina Central University. She has a history of making unfounded allegations. Her professional sex worker/stage name is "Precious."

    Crystal Gail Mangum [Wikipedia.org]
    Duke Rape Accuser: Crystal Gail Mangum [TJN]
    Crystal Gail Mangum - 'Missy Misdemeanor' [TJN]
    Kristiana Bennett, What Do You Know? [Mike McCusker]

  5. Did the alleged victim, Ms. Mangum, make a prior claim of being raped?

  6. Yes. Ms. Mangum claimed to have been sexually assaulted by three men when she was a teenager. In 1996, she told police that three attackers had assaulted her several years earlier, when she was 14. She made this claim in August 1996 to police in Creedmoor, N.C. None of the men she identified as her assailants were ever charged.

    Duke Accuser In Prior Rape Claim [TheSmokingGun.com]

  7. Who is Kim Roberts?

  8. Kim Roberts is also known as Kim Pittman, or as Kim Roberts Pittman. She is a 32-year-old part Korean, part black woman, who was convicted of embezzling $25,000 in 2001. Her professional sex worker/stage name is "Nikki." Ms. Roberts was hired to perform at the Duke party with Ms. Mangum. They had never met prior to that evening.
    Kim Roberts version 6.0 [TJN]
    Kim Roberts may have stolen money from Ms. Mangum during the incident. Ms. Mangum has repeated those allegations on several occasions.
    Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum? - Part 3: The Art of the Heist [TJN]
    Poof...the Grubby Thievery Disappears [TJN]
    Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum? [TJN]

  9. Who are the three Duke lacrosse players charged with rape and kidnapping?

  10. The three men are David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann>.

    David Evans, 23, the former lacrosse team co-captain is from Bethesda, Md. He graduated from Duke on May 14, 2006 and was indicted on May 15th.
    "Fantastic Lies" Statement, May 15th
    Collin Finnerty, 20, is from Garden City, N.Y.
    Duke player's defense [Newsday, Oct. 14, 2006]
    Reade Seligmann, 20, is from Essex Fells, N.J.
    Reade Seligmann - "The Truth Will Win" [TJN]
    Support for Reade Seligmann [iPetitions.com]

  11. What evidence proves the innocence of the Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann?

  12. There was no DNA from the three indicted Duke men inside or on the accuser. There is no medical or physical evidence of a violent gang rape and struggle in a small, confined bathroom. There was no time for the crime to be committed. Kim Roberts, the performance partner of Ms. Mangum, called the gang rape allegation a "crock" and has come back to publicly reaffirm her initial statement. The accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, has never been able to tell a consistently credible statement regarding the incident. There are witnesses, cell phone records, and photos that prove Mr. Seligmann's alibi. Mr. Finnerty also has many alibi witnesses.

    Occam's Razor II [LieStoppers]
    Occam's Razor [LieStoppers]
    Duke Lacrosse Rape Timeline [TJN]
    Statement Analysis [TJN]
    Mangum's cell phone calls [TJN]
    When Something Equals Nothing [LieStoppers]

    Reade Seligmann has the most well documented alibi:
    Seligmann's Alibi - graphic [N&O]
    Tightening Seligmann's Timeline - graphic [N&O]
    Reade Seligmann's Alibi in Detail [TJN]

  13. Who will be the witnesses in this case?

  14. Kim Roberts Pitman - sex worker performance partner of Ms. Mangum.
    Kim Roberts/Pittman Police Statement, March 22, 2006 [TJN]
    Jason Bissey - next door neighbor
    statement, April 26, 2006 [TJN]
    Moezeldin Elmostafa - taxi driver and Reade Seligmann's alibi witness. Arrested by police on a 2 1/2-year-old misdemeanor shoplifting charge that came about because of his involvement in the Duke case. He was found innocent of all charges.
    Nifong arrests Seligmann's alibi [Wendy McElroy]
    Trip to cabbie's trial a waste [Ruth Sheehan, N&O]
    All the members of the Duke lacrosse team who were at the party on March 13-14th, including:

    Dan Flannery, sr., Duke lacrosse captain. Resident of the party house with Evans and Zash. He also helped organize the party and hired and paid the performers.

    Matt Zash, sr., Duke lacrosse senior captain

    Robert Wellington

    Ryan McFadyen

    Duke Lacrosse Roster '05-'06 team [TJN]
    The Damage Done - player profiles [Sports Illustrated]
    Duke Lacrosse Player Speaks Out [TJN]

  15. Why is Nifong prosecuting a hoax?

  16. Mike Nifong needed to win a closely contested election with Freda Black for district attorney. He was drowning in a sea of professional, political, and financial loss when he grabbed on to this Duke case as a life preserver. Winning the election gave him a chance to bail himself out of a personal loss of $28,989 in money he had loaned his own campaign. He won the Democratic primary by pandering to Durham's black voters. His margin of victory was less than 900 votes and in heavily Democratic Durham it virtually guaranteed him a victory in November.

    Follow the Money [KC Johnson]

  17. What are the problems with the police lineup used to identify the three players?

  18. There were three police lineups. All three violated local, state, and national guidelines. The first two, done in March, were failures that yielded no positive identifications. That should have been the end of it. However the police followed Mike Nifong's directions to conduct a third lineup. The third lineup, on April 4th, was again run contrary in two fundamental ways to the police department's General Order 4077 on Eyewitness Identification. It should have been conducted by an independent administrator, not Sgt. Gottlieb, the primary investigator. And it should have include five "fillers" (people who have no connection to the case) for every suspect, to protect against faulty identification. The identification that Ms. Mangum made of David Evans during that lineup was very ambiguous. She was only 90% sure of his identification. And she said he had a mustache during the assault. She also identified a fourth assailant, who was never indicted.

    Experts: Lacrosse ID’s Likely Tainted [Joe Neff, News & Observer]
    North Carolina Norms [KC Johnson]
    The Faulty Lineup [TJN]
    The Effects of Corrupted Procedures [KC Johnson]

  19. What is the story about ugly racial slurs being hurled at the party?

  20. Racial insults were exchanged between Kim Roberts and the players. The first racial insult was made by Roberts in reaction to a rude comment. Roberts and Mangum both claim in their written statements that they were called the n-word. Neither of the two "neutral" witnesses, Bissey, the neighbor, and Elmostafa, the taxi driver, who were within earshot of the house reported hearing the n-word being used. Bissey did hear one player yell the racial insult: "Hey bitch, thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt."

    Kim Roberts told Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes that she made a racial insult to one of the players. She said:
    "I called him a little-dicked white boy," she recalls laughing. "And how he couldn't get it on his own and had to pay for it. So, he was mad. And it ended with him callin' me the n-word. And it echoed, so you heard n….. once, and then you heard, n….., n….., n….. .
    The anonymous 911 call that Kim Roberts made alleging the so called "violent racial epithets" was used by Duke President Richard Brodhead, Houston Baker, and others as an excuse to make a "rush to judgement" about the guilt of the lacrosse players.

    Kim Roberts 911 call made at 12:53 a.m, March 14, 2006 - mp3 audio [N&O]
    Duke Rape Suspects Speak Out [CBS '60 Minutes']
    Slur Analysis [TJN]

  21. What is SANE?

  22. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) are specially trained and certified professionals skilled in performing quality forensic medical-legal exams. Should a criminal case go to trial, the SANEs are then available to offer expert testimony.

    After the incident Ms. Mangum arrived at Duke Hospital on the morning of March 14th. There in-training SANE nurse Tara Levicy and Dr. Julie Manly began interacting with her several hours after her arrival and completed a standardized Sexual Assault Exam Report (commonly referred to as a "rape kit") during their interaction with her.

    see KC Johnson series:
    Understanding SANE, V
    Understanding SANE, IV
    Understanding SANE, III
    Understanding SANE, II
    Understanding SANE

  23. Who are the police who have "investigated" the alleged gang rape?

  24. Durham PD
    Sgt. Mark D. Gottlieb - lead investigator. He was involved in an altercation at a sports bar in Raleigh that involved a black cook. He also has a history of arresting Duke students for minor infractions.
    Students criticize lax cop's behavior [Duke Chronicle, Sept. 11, 2006]
    Gottlieb sworn statement [TJN]
    A Law Enforcement Perspective [LieStoppers]
    Investigator Benjamin W. Himam
    Himan sworn statement [TJN]

    Investigator Richard Clayton

    Michele Soucie
    The Soucie Memo [KC Johnson]
    The Soucie Memo [TJN]

    DA's Office:
    Linwood Wilson

  25. How can Mike Nifong be stopped from prosecuting this hoax?

  26. This is the big $64 million dollar question. Mike Nifong currently seems unstoppable in his desire to take this hoax to trial and present it to a Durham jury. How much outcry and pressure there is against this injustice after the 60 Minutes feature is aired will set the stage for the next chapter of this saga.

    Currently there is some hope that Nifong might be defeated in the November 7th general election by concerned Durham citizens who will vote for Lewis Cheek as a means to recall Nifong. Mr. Cheek said he will not serve and will let the governor choose the next district attorney.

    Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek
    A Nifong campaign disaster [John-in-Carolina]

  27. Who are Ms. Mangum's friends and family?

  28. Ms. Mangum's friends and family include:

    Matthew Murchison - boy friend of the accuser. His seminal DNA was found in her from vaginal swabs done the morning of March 14th at Duke University Medical Center (DUMC).
    Matthew Murchinson - NC Department of Corrections
    Brian Taylor - driver, who took her to the Duke party.
    Accuser seemed OK early on, driver says [N&O, May 27, 2006]
    Jarriel Johnson - driver, who drove Ms. Mangum to her sex work appointments in the days prior to the Duke incident. He said he has had sex with her the week prior to the incident.
    Statement [TJN]
    Mary and Travis Mangum - parents
    Mary and Travis Mangum Interview [TJN]
    Cousin "Jakki" -
    Alleged Duke Rape Victim Wants Life Back [ABC News, April 19, 2006]
    Kin Calls '60 Minutes' Segment Intimidation [ABC News, Oct. 15, 2006]
    Jakki, OH! [Mike McCusker]

  29. Which journalist or reporter has provided the best coverage of the case?

  30. The best coverage of this case has come from Dan Abrams of MSNBC on his show "The Abrams Report." Abrams, a 1988 Duke graduate, was the first one to show the photos that were taken at the party. He was also one of the first journalists to have access to all of the discovery information that was provided to the defense attorneys. On the June 19th show, Dan Abrams said, that based on all the evidence he had seen in the discovery information, Mike Nifong had no case.

    Former CT state prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Susan Filan filled in for Abrams on Wednesday, June 20th. She said, "I got to see that report. And now, I have serious doubts about whether this case can be proved at all." Abrams was promoted to General Manager of MSNBC in June.

    'The Abrams Report' for April 7 - interview with Mike Nifong
    'The Abrams Report' for April 14 - exclusive airing of party photos
    'The Abrams Report' for April 28, 2006 - discuss 1993 Creedmoor, NC, incident
    'The Abrams Report' for June 6, 2006 - discuss Roberts Vanity Fair interview
    'The Abrams Report' for June 19 - Abrams says Nifong has no case
    'The Abrams Report' for June 20th - Susan Filan has doubts
    'The Abrams Report' for June 27 - Discussion of Motion - Bill of Particulars

    Abrams lambastes Nifong [Duke Chronicle, June 22, 2006]
    Cosmic Cantina
    - Abrams interview with parents of Collin Finnerty [TJN, June 30, 2006]

  31. Why are so many bloggers and case watchers upset with The News & Observer?

  32. The News & Observer is the regional daily newspaper of the Research Triangle area in North Carolina. They helped incite the "witch hunt" for gang rapists among the Duke lacrosse players by publishing several biased articles after the incident that suggested that a rape had in fact been committed. They also published a very one sided, sympathic, and misleading story about the accuser, who they called a "victim."

    They N&O acknowledged in October that they were withholding statements made by Ms. Mangum about Ms. Roberts in Ms. Mangum's only "exclusive" interview done on March 24th. Specifically, Ms. Mangum "offered an opinion about the other woman’s actions that night." This is generally assumed to be an allegation by Ms. Mangum that Ms. Roberts had robbed or somehow victimized her. Withholding this critical allegation completely tipped the case in March and early April into a one-sided hunt for gang rapists and started the media feeding frenzy. The N&O has never admitted making a mistake.

    Walk down Memory Lane [LieStoppers]
    The N&O's March 25 Dilemma [KC Johnson]
    Did the N&O withhold news? [John in Carolina]
    The N&O's false report on Coleman [John in Carolina]

    Dancer gives details of ordeal by Samiha Khanna and Anne Blythe, March 25, 2006
    Team's silence is sickening by Ruth Sheehan, March 27, 2006
    Mother, dancer, accuser by Samiha Khanna, April 16, 2006]
    March 25 interview - opinion about the other woman, Editors' blog, Oct 5, 2006

    However, since late April The News & Observer has also provided some of the most significant coverage and information about the case. Most of these articles have been written by or with Joe Neff.

    Advancing the Story [LieStoppers]
    Rogue Reporter? [TJN]

  33. Why are so many bloggers and case followers upset with the Herald-Sun and editor Bob Ashley?

  34. The Herald-Sun is the local Durham newspaper. Bob Ashley and the Herald-Sun have acted as an unofficial media propaganda organ for Mike Nifong and Durham PD. They have consistently downplayed Nifong's prosecutorial misconduct and assumed that Nifong is somehow justified in his prosecution of the Duke players. Mike Nifong spent thousands of dollars in advertising with the Herald-Sun during the primary for the DA's office.

    Squaring the Semi-Circle [KC Johnsonc]
    Meet the Enablers - Bob Ashley [LieStoppers]
    Herald-Sun Hilarity [KC Johnsonc]
    H-S OK's Gottlieb [John in Carolina]

  35. Why are many people upset with the NY Times' coverage of the Duke case?

    The New York Times has published several articles about the case that were sloppy journalism. Reporter Duff Wilson of the Times wrote an article in August that generated a great deal of criticism, because he used late arriving unsubstantiated information provided by Sgt. Gottlieb to provide support for Nifong's sagging case.

    Witness for the Prosecution? [Stuart Taylor Jr., Aug. 29, 2006]
    Enough from Duff [LieStoppers, Aug. 25, 2006]
    NYT Reviews Evidence [Jeralyn Merritt |TalkLeft.com, Aug. 25, 2006]
    Times Open Letter [KC Johnson, Aug. 28, 2006]
    Yet Another Hoax Within A Hoax [LieStoppers, Aug. 29, 2006]
    Duff's Spin Machine [KC Johnson, Sept. 26, 2006]
    Does The New York Times Ever Get It Right? [LieStoppers, Oct. 13, 2006]

  36. Who are the Group of 88?

  37. They are 88 members of the Duke University faculty (mostly from arts and sciences) who signed a "We're Listening" document in which they praised campus protesters for rushing to judgement about the alleged "guilt" of the "rapists." The document /advertisement also praised the demonstrators for posting "wanted" posters of the lacrosse players around campus in a manner clearing suggesting that the lacrosse team was guilty of a gang rape and a conspiracy to cover it up.

    These faculty members wanted to believe the worst about their own students and then rushed to judge them as criminals, seeking "justice for things that happened in the past."

    Dear Cowards, - list of all 88 [Mike McCusker]
    The Duke 88 [KC Johnson]
    Faculty, administration rushed to judgments [Greg Kidder, Duke Chronicle]
    Duke and the Death of Academe [William L. Anderson]

    Notable members of this Fraternal Order of Charlatans & Witch Hunters:

    Houston Baker - leader of the group and now a member of the Vanderbilt University faculty. He accused the team of hiding behind a "silent whiteness."
    Duke’s Poisoned Campus Culture [KC Johnson]
    Letters between Provost Lange & Baker [Duke Chronicle, April 3, 2006]
    Houston, we have a problem [Boston Cote | Duke Chronicle]
    Duke’s Reichstag Fire [William L. Anderson]
    Karla Holloway - "White innocence means black guilt."
    Our Collective Voice - Letter to Holloway [LieStoppers]
    More Group of 88 Hypocrisy [KC Johnson]
    Holloway's Jungleland [TJN]
    Ranjana Khanna
    "Hmmmmmm?" [Mike McCusker]
    Alex Rosenberg - Philosophy professor, commented that only extremist advocates of the economic status quo could say anything positive about the lacrosse players.
    Seligmann Speaks Out [KC Johnson]
    Orin Starn
    The Arrogance of Starn [KC Johnson]
    Shameless [KC Johnson]
    Prof misrepresents Coach K [John in Carolina]
    Peter Wood
    Peter Wood's Distorted Campus Culture [KC Johnson]

  38. How many lies has Mike Nifong told?

  39. Virtually very time Mike Nifong has appeared in public and opened his mouth regarding this case he has lied. It has become a full-time job for case followers to list and document every lie. Every new defense motion or major new article about the case potentially contains more evidence of his lies.

    Fantastic Lies of the Hijacker of the Hoax [LieStoppers]
    A Hoax Within A Hoax [LieStoppers]
    Mike Nifong the Liar [TJN]
    The Lie Campaign [TJN]
    The Durham Strangler [TJN]

  40. Why is Duke President Richard Brodhead being criticised?

  41. Brodhead has never said a word of protest against Mike Nifong's egregious prosecutorial misconduct. He was cowered by the Group of 88 to respond quickly to the allegations and punish the lacrosse team. Brodhead abandoned the lacrosse team and helped define them as out of control jocks hiding three gang rapists.

    In Duke Case, A Rogues' Gallery [Stuart Taylor Jr.]
    Justify or Retract [KC Johnson]
    Open Letter to Brodhead [KC Johnson]
    The Brodhead Files [KC Johnson]

  42. Where can I find court documents and other primary information about the case?

  43. Try these links:

    Mr. Kirk J. Osborn court filings for Reade Seligmann [kirkosborn.com]
    Documents - scroll down to lower right [wral.com]
    Documents [ezboard.com]
    Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Documentation [TJN]
    Cheshire Letter to Nifong [TJN, Oct. 11, 2006]
    Joint Omnibus Motion to Compel Discovery [TJN, Aug. 31, 2006]

  44. Where is the best place online to discuss the case?

  45. Internet forums discussing the case are:

    forums.TalkLeft.com - spun off from TalkLeft.com blog.
    Liestoppers Forum

    other Internet forums:
    abc11tv.com [WTVD]
    Court TV - not active on weekends

  46. Who is considered more evil: the lying alleged victim, Crystal Gail Mangum, or the lying district attorney, Mike Nifong?

  47. Mike Nifong is and has been the focus of the most intense criticism about this case, because of his high-level abuse of the criminal justice system.

    Who is more Evil - Nifong or Mangum? [TJN]

  48. Who is KC Johnson?

  49. Robert KC Johnson is a 38-year-old professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He teaches 20th century U.S. constitutional, political, and diplomatic history. He has written extensively about the Duke lacrosse case first on the History News group blog and then on his Durham-In-Wonderland blog. His coverage of the case has been noted in the New York Times and New York Magazine. He has rigorously analyzed the case and reported on many of the legal, ethical, and academic issues surrounding it.

    Rape, Justice, and the ‘Times’ [newyorkmetro.com, Oct. 16, 2006]
    KC Johnson deserves a Pulitzer Prize, not NYT [Michael Gaynor]
    KC Johnson "moves" to Durham [John-in-Carolina]
    The Sandbagging of Robert "KC" Johnson [hnn.us, Nov. 25, 2002]

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