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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Spin Dancer etc.

Fellow Dancer Amends Account in Duke Rape Case - Juan Williams interviews Kim Roberts [npr.org, June 14, 2006]

Morning Edition, June 14, 2006 · There were two performers at a Duke University lacrosse team party that ended in rape charges. Kim Roberts says she saw no rape and could not at first believe that a rape could have occurred. Now, she feels differently. Full transcript:

WILLIAMS: The second dancer is 31 year old Kim Roberts, part Korean, part black. She didn't know the other woman before they met outside a house across from the Duke campus. According to court documents the dancers were hired at a cost of $400 dollars each. Kim Roberts says it was supposed to be a small bachelor party for 5 or 10 adult men.

ROBERTS: I can't say for sure if they requested white girls, but I know that at least one white girl was requested and the other girl that they expected was Hispanic. And being than I am of mixed race I'm sure that they assumed I was the Hispanic one and they were, of course, waiting now for the white girl to arrive. And almost it's kinda funny, because almost as soon as all this conversation is going on, and lo and behold here comes the other dancer around the corner and she's obviously not a white girl.

WILLIAMS: Are they upset? Did they object?

ROBERTS: Yeah, they are very hesitant now if they want to continue with this, they they're not exactly sure , you know, so, anyway they decided, you know, to go for it.

WILLIAMS: And you had called the escort service and said, "We're here, every thing's cool...

ROBERTS: Yep. Every thing's good. We feel safe.

WILLIAMS: OK, so from the back of the house you two go inside and are subjected to like racial stuff or rude [lewd?] suggestions.


WILLIAMS: Then you go out...you decide I'm uncomfortable


WILLIAMS: And leave because...

ROBERTS: I run outside and lock my car doors.

WILLIAMS: With the other dancer? Or by yourself?

ROBERTS: No. By myself, you know, I had to look out for myself and I couldn't really... no. I'm not going to talk about this too much, but I was outside we were separated for a point when I was outside.

WILLIAMS: Roberts says the other dancer soon joined her in the car. Some men came out to demand a refund because the women had danced for fewer than five minutes. She says the men also made racist comments. Roberts says the other dancer got out of the car and went back inside to get a purse. Roberts nervously waited in the car, chain smoking. She's unsure how much time passed. Roberts went back into the house to look for the other woman, but didn't see her. It's during this time that the rape allegedly occurred. When she returned to the car, someone yelled that the other dancer was passed out on the porch. Roberts asked the men to help woman get to the car.

ROBERTS: She's taking steps on her own, but her head is down and she gets into the car slumped over that same way. Slumped is a good..good word to use.

WILLIAMS: Did she smell of alcohol?


WILLIAMS: Roberts says this is what happened next: The players continued to make racial insults. Roberts threw angry words back at them mocking their manhood. Eventually Roberts called 911 from the car, in tears, to report that the young men were calling them niggers. Then she drove the barely conscious dancer to a grocery store parking lot and got help from the police. When police arrived they assumed the woman was drunk and tried to revive her.

ROBERTS: They tried to give her smelling salts and the smelling salts didn't work.

WILLIAMS: And they put her in an ambulance..

ROBERTS: em em (negative) a police car

WILLIAMS: Oh a police car, and you drove away?

ROBERTS: They said, and, and, I made sure, I said it so many times because I really felt bad so I asked many times if they would please treat her with respect and she didn't do anything wrong. I didn't want to see her in the back of a police car.

WILLIAMS: So initially when you're asked, you know, later, about something happened and you hear that there are allegations...


WILLIAMS: You say, "I don't know anything. I never saw any rape or any..."

ROBERTS: I never saw a rape you know, I can't help you. I didn't see a rape. I don't know what you people are talking about, basically.

WILLIAMS: But then at some point you changed your mind, about the....

ROBERTS: ...the fact that it even could have occurred. That's really what I changed my mind about. I...

WILLIAMS: And what was that moment? When did this...what did you learn..

ROBERTS: When I started to see...

WILLIAMS: or see or something...

ROBERTS: Ok, first of all, one of the things that I learned was the fact that she was 27. I found out that she knew how to drink you know what I mean so It made me wonder as to why in the world was she so out of it, you know. And also I didn't even want to imagine that something like that could happened to her and I'm 20 feet away. I can never say that a rape did or did not occur that is for the courts to decide. I didn't see it happen, you know, but what I can say is that there was opportunity and that it could have happened. You have to entertain the fact that it's possible that it didn't, but it's possible it did.

WILLIAMS: Last week defense lawyers filed papers highlighting statements made by Roberts to the police on the night of the incident. At that time she said the possibility of a rape was quote, a crock, because she said she'd only been away from the alleged victim for a few minutes, the entire night. The woman making the charges told police she was raped for thirty minutes. Roberts has been convicted of embezzling $25,000 dollars from an employer and remains on probation. In addition, the woman charging rape had alleged that she was raped ten years earlier. That case was never prosecuted. Meanwhile, Roberts who attended the University of Carolina for two years, will be a key witness at the trial which could start as early as this fall. That will be about the same time that the Duke Lacrosse team will get back together to begin preparations for a new season.

Juan Williams, NPR news.
(transcript via talkleft.com)

No one has yet explained the statement that Crystal Gail Mangum made to the S.A.N.E nurse at Duke University Medical Center.
"She told the sexual assault nurse examiner in training that Kim Roberts Pittman, the second dancer, assisted the players in her alleged sexual assault and that Kim Roberts Pittman stole all her money and everything."
When does that little issue get cleared up?

Message Board talk-

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News called on Nifong to drop the case June 14:
Basically citing no evidence of a rape, no evidence connecting the players to such a crime, and no witnesses who can address either, he said Nifong should do everbody (including the AV) a favor and just drop the case.
Hannity & Colmes June 14:
Hannity said that there will be something coming out with the next few days about Nifong making threats to a defense atty and others.

Nifong reportedly issued "an expletive filled tirade" at defense attorney Kerry Sutton in a courthouse hallway.

Reade Seligmann Verizon phone call log (via CourtTV.com) + Eyewitnesses + Bank camera = Rock Solid Alibi.
12:05: call goes to his girlfriend -- lasts 32 seconds
12:06: call goes to his girlfriend -- lasts 33 seconds
12:07: call goes to his girlfriend -- lasts 36 seconds
12:09: call goes to unknown -- lasts 23 seconds
12:09: call goes to unknown -- lasts 13 seconds
12:10: call goes to his girlfriend -- lasts 26 seconds
12:12: call goes to his girlfriend -- lasts 20 seconds
12:13: call goes to his girlfriend -- lasts 33 seconds
12:14: call goes to the cab company (973-953-4832) -- lasts 58 seconds
12:16: call goes to unknown -- lasts 11 seconds

At 12:19, he was picked up by the cab. See cab driver's sworn affidavit.

12:20: call goes to unknown -- lasts 12 seconds
12:21: call goes to unknown -- lasts 32 seconds
12:22: call goes to unknown -- lasts 34 seconds
12:23: call goes to girlfriend -- lasts 22 seconds

No call at 12:24. He was busy at the ATM.

12:25: call goes to girlfriend -- lasts 36 seconds

See also: Duke Lacrosse Rape Timeline


Letter writing campaign to urge North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to appoint a special prosecutor to replace Mike Nifong.
...respectfully urge you to appoint a special prosecutor to review these cases and remove Mr. Nifong from the situation. As Attorney General you have oversight over local district attorneys, and what is happening in Durham is improper and a disgrace to the administration of justice in the great state of North Carolina...

Mr. Nifong should be recused and a special prosecutor appointed.

Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Mike Nifong the Liar [TJN, June 15, 2006]

Bill O'Reilly - Drop the Duke Rape Case, June 15, 2006:
I appeal to D.A. Nifong, drop the case or put forth information that supports going forward. Again, this looks like a loser all around. Wrap it up, Mike.

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