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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Darryl Littlejohn: Murder & Now Serial Rapist Suspect

Darryl Littlejohn: murder and now serial rapist suspectDarryl Littlejohn (alias Jonathan Blaze).

Darryl Littlejohn - March 2006
Another day another change in the story of what exactly happened at The Falls bar at its 4:00 a.m. closing time on Saturday, February 25, 2006. That was the last time New York City graduate student Imette St. Guillen was seen alive. Yesterday's NY Post Story - IMETTE'S LAST CALL A SCREAM, said it was Michael J. Dorrian who had ordered Mr. Littlejohn the bar's bouncer to toss Imette St. Guillen from The Falls.

Today that story was corrected to say it was Danny Dorrian, a bartender - and not the co-owner, his brother, Michael J. Dorrian who had ordered Ms. St. Guillen tossed.

Sources say Danny Dorrian told cops he then heard an argument and a muffled scream. Today's NY Post said this about Danny Dorrian's lying and the legal consequences:
When questioned by The Post last week, Danny Dorrian, 33, referred to himself as a "lowly day manager" - and said he wasn't even working the morning St. Guillen disappeared.

Under the law, a person is under no obligation to tell cops what he knows, legal experts said. However, if it can be proven that the person knowingly gave false information to police, it's possible they could face obstruction of justice charges.

Cops are working on a theory that Littlejohn went with St. Guillen and either raped or tried to sexually assault her, then panicked and killed her when she fought back.
How can Danny Dorrian's deception not be considered obstruction of justice? Was he withholding information in order to protect himself and his family's bar from legal action? Did he know Littlejohn was an ex-con? Were they friends? What were his motives to protect Littlejohn? Lots of unanswered questions.

Littlejohn told reporter Veronika Belenkaya of the NY Daily News that he felt close to the people he worked with at The Falls. He said: "We're like a family."

If the criminal courts don't take Danny boy down then the civil courts surely will. Hopefully, Danny Dorrian's legal problems have just begun. Danny Dorrian was not answering calls from reporters yesterday.

Today's Boston Herald story - "Tracing victim’s final moments" is the most detailed account of Ms. St. Guillen's final minutes at The Falls bar so far:
Following is what witnesses told police happened to St. Guillen after closing time at The Falls, official sources tell the Herald:

At 4:05 a.m., Falls co-owner and bar manager Dan Dorrian, two of his bartenders and two bouncers were at the bar. St. Guillen, nursing a rum and Coke, was the only customer left. Dorrian asked her to finish her drink and leave. When she lingered he tried to take the drink away. She became argumentative, and Dorrian asked bouncer Darryl Littlejohn of Queens to escort her from the premises.

Littlejohn and the other bouncer took her outside. The two bartenders left in a cab headed uptown. The other bouncer took a cab to the Staten Island ferry. Littlejohn was still outside the bar with St. Guillen, the other bouncer said. Dorrian told police that shortly afterward, from inside the bar, he heard what he believes to have been an “argument” and perhaps a commotion between Littlejohn, 41, and St. Guillen, 24.

Littlejohn is now also a suspected serial rapist as well as lead murder suspect. A sketch (left) of a Queens rapist from last October 16th, 2005 compared with the face of Darryl Littlejohn.

The NY Post:
The ex-con bouncer who has emerged as the lead suspect in the sex-assault murder of grad student Imette St. Guillen is now being eyed in a string of rapes in Queens and Long Island, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

The cops' focus on Darryl Littlejohn in the brutal sex attacks surfaced after one shaken victim watched the past day's TV footage of investigators searching the bouncer's blue minivan parked in his driveway - and phoned police to tell them it appeared to be the vehicle in which she was raped, sources said.

The woman was attacked in Queens late last year, part of an apparent pattern of at least three rapes in which the victims all gave similar descriptions of their attacker. A second rape also occurred in Queens, and the third took place in Nassau County, the sources said.
All three women said their attacker had posed as a federal agent. The women, police said, also said their attacker had wiped them down with disinfectant swabs, presumably to remove evidence.

The resume Littlejohn gave to his Falls employers said that he was a member of a federal fugitive recovery team. Investigators also said they found a supply of alcohol swabs while searching Littlejohn's home.

Littlejohn and Parole Questions?

Darryl Littlejohn
Littlejohn is being held at Rikers Island for violating his parole. Littlejohn had a 9PM-7AM curfew when he had to be at home. Littlejohn can be held for a maximum of 90 days before a final hearing on the curfew violation.

"We did not have knowledge of him working at the bar," said Scott Steinhardt, spokesman for the New York State Division of Parole. "Had we known that, we obviously would not have approved that. We had his approved place of employment at a mortgage lending office."

Where was Littlejohn's parole officer during all his moonlighting as a bouncer at The Falls bar? Couldn't a few telephone calls to his home by the parole officer after 9PM to verify he was obeying curfew instructions have thwarted all of this? After all Littlejohn had a history of breaking parole.

It turns out the New York City parole officers are pleading that they are overworked. The average parole officer has something like 100 cases to manage. They are seeking to have this reduced to 40 case per officer. Still how much effort is it to use the phone and make some calls to verify a person is where he should be. There is working smart and there is not working - apparently NYC parole officers and their system don't work after 9 PM. It's 10 o'clock to you know where your felons are? Apparently not in New York City.

NYPD still can't shake the case of PR flu and formally call Littlejohn a prime or even a lead suspect in the St. Guillen murder. Will he be called a suspect if they get a DNA match? It looks like DNA testing is the new standard needed to confirm someone as a suspect. But having a DNA match seems like it's enough evidence to immediately charge someone and skip the suspect designation. So is naming a person a suspect in a high profile case now simply too big a PR risk unless you have the DNA match and the arrest warrant in hand? Anyway, for now Littlejohn is being called a "person of interest" in the rape cases.

A Lady Killer...

Veronika Belenkaya is the NY Daily News reporter who has talked to Darryl Littlejohn. She caught him lying when he first told her the Ms. St. Guillen had not talked to anyone at The Falls bar. Anyone but him that is.
"There was nothing special about her," Littlejohn said of the beautiful graduate student. "She didn't talk to anybody. She just kept to herself."
Ms. Belenkaya has talked about this case on the CNN Nancy Grace Show. She gives a personal account of how she was deceived by Littlejohn - His chilling words: "You seemed like a real nice lady" -
I met Darryl Littlejohn in the doorway of The Falls bar - just as Imette St. Guillen must have done exactly a week before.

He seemed like a nice, honest guy. He certainly had a pleasant enough demeanor.

He wore glasses, a hat covered with a hood and a dark jacket. He was a bouncer - in good shape to be sure, but not physically imposing in the way you'd expect hired muscle to be.

It was 4 o'clock in the morning, and we slipped easily into conversation. "Do you remember seeing that girl?" I asked the 41-year-old bouncer.

"Yeah," he said...While shudders run through me now, I thought nothing at the time of talking to Littlejohn. He had a way of putting a person at ease.
Littlejohn also linked to drug kingpin

Boston Herald:
An ex-con bouncer being questioned in the murder of Boston native Imette St. Guillen worked as an enforcer for a notorious New York City drug kingpin and was once probed by federal authorities investigating multiple gangland slayings, according to federal court records and a source...

(Littlejohn) was yanked out of his jail cell in September 2002 to speak with federal officials probing murders allegedly committed by associates of drug lord Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols..

“The word on (Littlejohn) was that he had been invovled in committing murder-for-hires for the South Jamaica drug crews,” said the source. “We had gotten some evidence, but we couldn’t make a case on him for murder.”
Rape and Kidnapping Cases May Offer Clues in Killing [NY Times, Mar. 9, 2006]
Transcript of Littlejohn's May 2004 parole hearing (pdf)

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